Tuesday, July 22, 2008

They actually count your items at COSTCO!

How many times have you stood in the line to exit COSTCO wondering what they are actually looking for, and wondering if they ever find it? WELL, today ladies and gentlemen, they found what they are looking for! It was not busy, it was relatively slow, so the lady starts counting, and re-counting, and COUNTING AGAIN, trying to figure out what they missed because the amount of items sold is one less than the number of items in my cart. Needless to say, I didn't have a ton of stuff, but I didn't have like one or two items, my receipt was for over a hundred dollars, and I was thinking, if they make me go back with my two children in tow to pay for this milk, I AM GOING TO FREAK! The lady was like, stand here for an audit, they will come to you! So, there I am standing like some criminal at the exit door of COSTCO, where everyone was staring at my two children and I, waiting for the manager to come.
Here is where it gets good because the line is starting to grow behind me, the counter lady goes up to all there carts, GLANCES over each cart and swipes her pen down the receipt. There's your clue, if you want to swipe something from COSTCO, make sure you go through the end line when it is REALLY BUSY because they do not check as thoroughly. The manager finally makes it, I hand her money (I only had cash because I ran it as debit so that we could eat lunch before leaving-I know some of you are shocked, but I do know which places accept cash only-ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO FOOD) because I figure she is going to run back over to the register and ring up my milk, but nope, she gives me the milk for FREE! Who would have thought that two gallons of whole milk would be OH SO EXCITING, but when you are in the market for a cow, it makes for an enjoyable day!
Now we are home, thinking about swimming later and wondering if it will ever cool down. It is almost too hot to swim because we have to walk to the community pool because ours is still being treated, and by the time we get over there, I have a headache that is directly related to the SUN!

On a side note, I am just so sad that Estelle Getty, Sophia from Golden Girls, died today! May she rest in peace and live on in television reruns for years and years to come!


Cynthia said...

I know I just saw that she died and I said out loud "oh that's too bad" she was such a hot ticket in that show.

the people at our Costco barely look in the cart. Sorry you've got the "play by the rules" group.

Claire said...

Wowee - I didn't think they ever caught anyone with their counting!!! What they caught was their own error, so I am SOOOO glad they gave you the milk for free! Almost makes it worth it!!! ;o) Sorry I wasn't there to enjoy this moment with you!