Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have been wearing Old Navy jeans for years and years and years and years, and I really don't like them all that much. Finally last week, I decided to try some on at different places, and I couldn't really find any I liked, until I hit the denim JACKPOT at TARGET of all places!!!

$24.99-I was willing to spend up to $100 if they fit right!

Merona Fit Solutions No Gap Waist Jean-Dark Wash

OMG, how dorky do those sound, INCREDIBLY, but I am telling you, I can bend over without my butt hanging out, they are soft and stretchy, ALMOST as comfortable as my black pants. . .almost! Basically, I can be a mom in them and look cute at the same time!

I left them on all day yesterday, I didn't rush home and put pajama pants on, it was AMAZING! I am in love!

Hurry, go try them on today and tell me what you think! I can't WAIT to hear what you all think of my awesome mom jeans!


Laurie said...

I'm totally intrigued!! I really need some new jeans and all my friends wear the really pricey ones. Next time I'm over there (which is like every other day) I'll try them out and let you know!

Karen said...

I love good, cheap jeans. I have some Eddie Bauer jeans that fit alright (not great) but I got them on sale for, like, $15. Also some from NY&Co. I'll have to try the Merona ones.