Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Seriously who has an hour and a half t-ball practice. I was bored watching them after like 45 minutes, I think that is sufficient. Especially when all the parents are expected to stay and watch, Tyler is running around, spinning, doing handstands, picking up what looked like moldy pinecones. Just reminds me of how much I cannot STAND the outdoors!

2. I sign Jackson up for these things because Pat swears to me that he will help out, take Jackson, and what do you know? I am sitting at tball two or three times a week! BLAH!

3. It is really hard not to LOVE watching 5 year olds play tball though because they are all so flighty, not paying attention, TALKING, and just overall HUMOROUS!

4. Day One of Pat's trial apparently went well. He looked very relieved after picking the jury and doing his opening statement! Day Two started about an hour ago, keep your fingers crossed, for him and for me that I am able to keep up this "supportive wife" facade, when really I just want to punch him in the face and say, "I need some flipping help around here!" This trial comes on the heels of much pre-trial prep, and I feel like I haven't really talked to or seen Pat in like three weeks! He's here, but not really, know what I mean?

5. Pat has been very kind about the whole trial thing and has thanked me NUMEROUS times a day for doing everything around here. I am pretty sure he is aware just how much extra work it is for me! I am still confused why stay at home moms aren't paid by the state!

6. Do you like how number 1-5 have been contradictions? I think that's ok though. I think tball is very cute, I just don't like going 2-3 times a week for 1.5 hours. Pat has been nice about all the extra work, but I am sick of doing it!

7. I cannot keep the Master Bedroom clean for the LIFE OF ME!

8.I just spent an hour filling out the registration forms to re-enroll Tyler at the SAME SCHOOL next year. Shouldn't the paperwork be less substantial once you have already gone there?? SOOOO ANNOYING!

9. I want a new BIGGER house-STAT! I feel like there isn't a place for everything in this house.

10. I don't want to go look at houses at all! How's that for another contradiction!? Why can't some relative I have never met, die and leave me their house in the one square mile I am willing to live in? Is that too much to ask????

Happy Tuesday All!


Karissa said...

OMG! My master bedroom is ALWAYS a wreck!! Rest of the house is fine! Why do you think that is?

Filling out those forms reminds me of how I have to give our insurance company Josh, Malakai's, and Leila's social security number EVERY year!! It doesn't change people!!

Hour and a half T-ball is CRAZY!!


Anonymous said...

#8 - My fingers hurt from the cramped space on top of all that. UGH! I hate these forms!!!!

the swope family said...

Wait a minute, you did a TonT the day after the Bachelor finale and didn't use 1-10 for a comment on that? I was totally expecting to hear what your opinion was about who he chose! (I did not watch it but have enough friends that do that I kind of know what was going on!)

Good luck with T-ball. Can't imagine 1.5 hours of practice. Does a 5 year old have the ability to stay focused for that long? Most adults don't!! :)

Claire said...

As ALWAYS, you crack me UP! =)

#5 - Do you know that in many European countries women get an annual stipend for staying home? They find value in it... but not us. Hmmph! Justin's Australian friend who was here told me they have it too!

#7 - My theory about the master is that it is the LAST place anyone will see in my home, and we spend very little time there. So it is the last place that gets cleaned. And I totally freak out every time Justin finds any reason to take someone back there!!!