Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beach BUMS

I realized something about my blog, I NEVER post any pictures of my kids crying, and they do that A LOT-cry, whine, fight, bicker, moan, etc etc etc. I am usually too aggravated and annoyed to grab my camera, but this time the crying took place right when I had my camera handy.

Jackson LOVED the beach, and had he had the appropriate attire on, he would have stayed out there all day. Small problem, he was knocked down by a wave while digging for crabs about five minutes into the experience. He was NOT happy, he was covered in water from shoulder to toe. Mommy didn't bring any extra clothes with because she wasn't very smart. Oh well, we survived. Thankfully, daddy had a sweatshirt for Jackson to borrow. It was slow motion when he got knocked down, I SWEAR! I wish I could have caught him, it would have made for a much more exciting trip to the beach, but it wouldn't have created the story we have today!

Tyler HATED putting her feet in the water, but as always, I MADE HER! I didn't want her to miss the opportunity to stick her feet in the Pacific. She screamed and cried for awhile, but once I showed her the seashells, she was in heaven, she loved hopping through the sand and finding seashells, give the girl a bucket, and she would have been set! Here she is screaming "NO!" at me and running away!

Overall, I got some great pictures, and I have to say the one at the top ROCKS since I am not a professional or anything! Some of my favorites. . .

I am happy we went to the beach, the kids talk about it all the time, my only regret is that I didn't get to try out any highly recommended restaurants in the area because we had to go back to the hotel and change their clothes. In other news, I got to have Eggs Benedict at Mrs Knott's Chicken Restaurant, and it was amazing, so it all works out!

More to come about Knott's Berry Farm tomorrow!


Katie Thomson said...

Ooohh...I DO like the top picture! Very nice! Love the action shots...crying, running, digging.... :o)