Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I have just about NOTHING to say today!

2. My dear little Tyler split her lip open and had her fingers smashed in the door, we have spent the morning cuddling. Sweet thing!

3. It was REALLY nice not having to race anywhere this morning. I could get used to this whole summer thing, then again, it is the first day in a long time when we didn't have to be anywhere, get back to me in July!

4. Some friends and I are going for sushi tonight, SO EXCITED!

5. Jackson is sooooooooooooo much easier to be left alone with than Tyler. I swear he played his DS and watched movies the entire time Tyler was at school yesterday! Tyler won't sit still for 5 minutes while Jackson is at school!

6. I have always craved foods, I didn't notice anything unusual about having a craving when I was pregnant because I fixate on the food I want until I have it, even when I am not pregnant! I think Jackson is the exact same way. He wanted orange chicken last week, and seriously WOULD NOT stop talk about it until he got it. I had to give in because I TOTALLY knows how he feels! Tyler on the other hand, she doesn't have cravings, she only eats two foods: pizza and fruit. When she says she wants pizza and fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it doesn't really surprise me!

7. For Jackson to go to the dentist last week, it cost $210! That was for a cleaning, exam and some xrays. That was also with 5% off for cash courtesy because I paid with my debit card. I think that is an absurd amount of money for baby teeth!

8. I think my iPod is the greatest gift Pat has ever given me, well best gift since we have been married and he decided he no longer needed to win me over with material possessions!

9. Tomorrow is Tyler's last day of school, and it is water day! I have never had to deal with her wearing her bathing suit to school before, but I find it so weird because for Jackson, water day involved a bathing suit and t-shirt, and I didn't think much of it. But sending Tyler in a skimpy bathing suit seems weird to me! I don't have an explanation, I just don't like it!

10. I wish I knew how to grill. BUT, I have absolutely NO DESIRE to learn because it is (a) outside and (b) WAY TOO HOT FOR ME!


Katie Thomson said...

Mmmm...Sushi! YUM! Have a creamy California Roll for me! Where are you going?

Laurie said...

Couple of things:

1. They are probably fruit flies if they like the apple cider vinegar/soap thing. If that doesn't take care of them then find a couple of jars with lids with narrow openings. Put some rotten fruit or apple slices in the jar and then wait until it fills up and quickly put the lid on! Between the two methods I got rid of all our flies and we had a ton - ewww.

2. The i-pod. I would LOVE to listen to my i-pod but of course every time I put the damn thing in my ears, the kids want/need something. How do you ever listen to it? Once I tried using it while I was doing dishes and it made the process SO enjoyable but then Eric came home and was like, do you just ignore the kids and listen to that thing? Ha ha...yes I do.

Karissa said...

Love me some Sushi!

Malakai as well, is MUCH easier to be alone with than Leila. She constantly needs entertained and if she is playing by herself she is usually spreading that fabulous United States floor puzzle (from a certain someone) all over the entire house!!

That is a ridiculous amount of money for the dentist!!! I say now your probably okay with just letting them rot out, he will have big teeth soon enough ;)

I love my ipod as well. We set up a docking station in the kitchen, so a lot of times in the evening, during dinner, there is no TV and we just rock out.

ME TOO! I always wish I knew how to grill. I think this comes from our husbands NEVER being home and wanting to do something different for dinner. The tool is right outside staring me in the face and I have no idea how to use it. Somehow the George Foreman just isn't the same!

Can this count as my TonT? I really have nothing going on this week ;)


Colleen said...

@Karissa-NO it doesn't count as Ten on Tuesday! George Forman is NO WHERE NEAR THE SAME, I don't know why either :-)

@Laurie-totally going to try the rotten food jars! UM YES, tell Eric, that's exactly what I am doing! Drowns out the fighting so that I can get something done instead of being a mediator!