Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I would like to remove my left eye and put it back in when allergy season is over. I spend 90 percent of the day rubbing it with a lot of force.

2. I may still bite my nails, but I RARELY touch my eyes. I don't touch my eyes because I don't want to cause wrinkles, and I am REALLY scared of pink eye. This tells you how much my eye itches.

3. I LOVE CINCO DE MAYO! Love it. I will take absolutely any reason to eat Mexican food. I think if I had to pick it would be my favorite food group ;-)! I LOVE sour cream and guacamole-the rest of the food is just a way to get sour cream and guac to my mouth! HA!

4. Tyler woke up in an AMAZING mood this morning.

5. Tyler is OBSESSED with the pictures on my phone. She will spend HOURS looking through them and talking about what she sees in them all. If someone found my phone and looked through the pictures, they may wonder! She really likes when I take pictures of random things. There is a picture of Ellie's butt butt (her stuffed elephant), a picture of Tyler's belly, a picture of Tyler's bed, RANDOM, but she loves it, and you should HEAR her giggle.

6. Jackson is VERY protective of Tyler! This little boy in J's class was SCREAMING (LIKE A BANSHEE) at Tyler because she messed up their game or something when I was picking Jackson up. And while the boy is yelling at Tyler, Jackson has his arms wrapped around her and telling her it is ok. These are the moments my heart MELTS!

7. If you follow me on twitter, you saw how I was talking about my crush on Bret Michaels. It is not so much that I think he is attractive (I THINK HE IS DISGUSTING and probably VERY DIRTY if you know what I mean)! I don't think he is a good person, singer or admire him in any way. It is his voice. When he speaks, it is so calm and soothing. There is just a peace that comes over me when I hear him. Whether on his nasty show Rock of Love or Celebrity Apprentice, I hear him, and there is an inner calm.

8. This leads me to state for the record that if a man ever sang a song for me, wrote me a poem, sonnet, ballad, WHATEVER and then performed it for me, it would make me VERY uncomfortable, and I am sure, no matter how beautiful it was, I would laugh. Lucky for me, Pat has no skills in any of these areas. BUT seriously, when I watch these reality shows and people perform to impress, NOT MY THING! Just wanted to write that in case Pat dies, and I get to live out my life dream of being The Bachelorette, the men have something to go on!

9. I booked a TEN DOLLAR room in Laughlin! Ten dollars. Pat and I are thinking of just going to stay there for the month of June, that would be 300 dollars. I would come back 20 pounds heavier and very very poor after all the eating and gambling I would do!

10. I like Laughlin SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more than Vegas. I am so weird I know, but it is smaller, not as many options, I don't have to research restaurants because there are no FIVE STAR restaurants I am dying to try, the buffet is BY FAR the best buffet I have ever eaten at, there is no Hoover Dam to pass through. I despise the Hoover Dam, but we will save that rant for another day.


Karissa said...

I have MUCH sympathy for people with allergies! My poor Josh and Malakai suffer terribly! I FEEL FOR YOU!!

I love Cinco De Mayo also! I saw a recipe for a sombrero pound cake and immediately thought of you!!

I've never been to Laughlin! Can I meet you there?!


Carrie said...

I used to live in Bullhead City (across the river from Laughlin) for 10 years. THere is a great ribs/steak/chicken restuarant in the Colorado Belle called Mark Twain's. It's not a buffet, but it's gooooood. At least it was 20 years ago. :)

I know exactly how you feel about Bret Michael's voice. I feel the same way about the dude that plays the grandfather in Gilmore Girls. I can listen to him all day and night. And he does narration for documentaries and I've found myself watching hours of civil war and history shows that I normally wouldn't watch just because his voice is so soothing!

I miss you on twitter. Someday I will rejoin all my social networks! I'm taking a breather.

Colleen said...

@Carrie think we are DEFINTELY going to try it-YAY!