Monday, July 6, 2009


For those of you who follow my twitter on the right side of my blog, you may have noticed that I "jumping off" on Thursday afternoon. I figured it wasn't fair to leave my loyal and dedicated readers hanging. So, what is the "anymore" I was referring to when I said, "I just can't take anymore"!??? That would be schooling.

Pat has decided that it would be great for business if he got his real estate license. I have no doubt that it WOULD BE, I don't disagree with that, but I cannot commit to (A) pouring more money into Pat's brain (B) watching the kids while Pat attends the classes: evenings, weekends, etc AND (C) spending even more time with the kids while it is 110 degrees outside!

I told him we could revisit the idea in October, but this mom has done her fair share. I thought law school was bad, so I don't look back on it with fond memories, I realize now that it wasn't law school, but mainly the prep course for the LSAT(test you must take to get into law school) AND the bar exam (test taken after law school). The three years of school itself brought me a few lonely evenings, but his hours were flexible enough that he was usually around when I needed him. THEN, he took the job in Cottonwood, I don't look back positively on anything that happened during that time. He worked six and a half days a week, I had a 21 month old and a newborn all by myself. He left at 4 in the morning, got home at 9, and that is enough to make any person go crazy. It went on WAY TOO LONG! Now, he works close to home, works A LOT, but will usually get to see the kids before they go to bed, and I just don't think I am willing to go back. I just cannot commit!


Brad said...

I know this isn't what you want to hear but at least your husband is working hard and reaching for the stars. There are a lot of men in this world that just sit on their bumms and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Andy's now looking into getting another degree so we'll just have to party without them. :)

K to the M said...

I'm calling you on my way home from work, can't put what I want to say into words :)

Love you!!

Katie Thomson said...

I wish Paul would do it. Heck, I am on board with Pat. Anything to make some money. What can I say, I am addicted to money and it's killing me sitting at home this summer not making any! :o( I got Pat's money waiting....

Colleen said...

@Brad-you are right!!!!!

@Shannon-OMG, they are long lost brothers or something!!!

@Kate-Pat was VERY flattered you think highly enough of him to pay for the class! Maybe if you pay for the class, I can pay for a nanny! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!