Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ten on Tuesday-Ocean Club

On Friday night we went to the Ocean Club at Kierland with Pat's mom, dad, brother and SIL. It was a great time, and this Tuesday, I am listing my ten FAVORITE things about the place!

1. Lemon Drop Martinis-they have dry ice in the bottom so not only does the martini look cool, but they stay really super cold the entire time, AND it comes with a sugar rim!

2. Pretzel Bread, just like a salted soft pretzel, served with butter, YUM!

3. Shrimp off the Seafood Tower-served with mustard and cocktail sauce, DELICIOUS!

4. Warm towels before the entree, I always love that!

5. Chilean Sea Bass (prepared Oreganata, lightly dusted with bread crumbs), never had it, never really heard of it, IT WAS AMAZING. Served with three sauces, one being tartar sauce, and I love tartar sauce, but I always feel like I am not supposed to ask for it because it is an insult to the chef, but they give it to you, and you don't even have to ask for it. The sea bass was seriously a foot long and 2 inches thick, you could DEFINITELY share one!

6. Lobster Mashed Potatoes, really good mashed potatoes topped with a lobster butter sauce, NEED I SAY MORE!???

7. Creamed Corn-almost as good as Rudy's in San Antonio, but not quite, but DAMN GOOD!

8. Creme Brulee-WONDERFUL

9. Warm Butter Cake-SUPERB

10. People watching, you should have seen these OLD, DISGUSTING, GROSSLY RICH MEN picking up these equally disgusting tramp-ish women that should not have been wearing what they were wearing. That place has great live entertainment, but who needs that when you can just watch the Scottsdale SLUTS trying to find their retirement!

IT WAS A GREAT EVENING! Only thing that could have made it better, being able to sit next to Pat so that we could have people watched together! NEXT TIME FOR SURE!


Anonymous said...

I'm drooling in my coffee and I'm not even a huge seafood fan. That all sounded sooooo delicious.

Katie Thomson said...

Yum! I need some seafood now!

K to the M said...

That menu sounds FABULOUS!! I can't wait for you and Patrick to treat Josh and I to dinner there when we come to town!! LMAO!! I may even let you sit by Pat, however, he is so entertaining I may keep him for myself ;)

Katie Thomson said...

I guess since you are treating Karissa and Josh, you can treat Paul and I too! HA! What's two more people?!?! ;o)

Colleen said...

I could break it down, but let's just say I won't be going back for a long, long time. We girls could go to the bar, eat pretzel bread, drink martinis and people watch for hours, WELL WORTH THE MONEY! We may even be hit on/bought drinks, and then we wouldn't have to pay, TRUST me when I say we are HOT STUFF there!

Katie Thomson said...

Sounds like Saturday night fun to me!

K to the M said...

Sign me up!!