Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Urodynamic Testing

There is nothing dynamic about it. I get that medical professionals are "used to that sort of thing" or "seen much worse", but the urodynamic testing was about the lowest of lows! If you care about what urodynamic testing is, go ahead and google it, I prefer to forget it! I am mainly writing this blog so that if I ever have it printed and made into a book (for my kids, although I will print you a copy if you must have one), this entry will remind my children of the things I suffer through for them. Birthing a 9 lb 9 oz child vaginally wasn't the end of it, the effects are still alive and well today!


Karen said...

Wow! 9lbs 9oz!! Brandt was only 6lbs 15 oz, but he was c-section. My friend will be having reconstructive because her first baby (only so far) screwed her up so badly. But she has to wait until she's done having children, so she'll continue to suffer until then.

Colleen said...

Well, don't let her see this post because if she googles urodynamic testing, I guarantee you that she may just continue to pee her pants because I am pretty sure I would have. Have my follow up consult tomorrow, will keep you posted on what he decides. Now I am drinking 48 oz of water for a pelvic ultrasound, I want to die!

the swope family said...

Sorry that it is such a pain for you to have all of this done! Hopefully the end result will be worth the trouble once it is all said and done!