Monday, July 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. The kids have THREE DAYS OF CAMP left, and I HAVE THREE DAYS OF DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS, that does not sound fun!

2. Jackson will MOST DEFINITELY not be getting his hair buzzed now that he has a GIGANTIC KNOT on his head. I can't even bring myself to touch it, when the doctor asked where it was, I made an imaginary circle with my hand rather than touch it again, GROSS!!!! It could be gone or still there, I have no idea, I have not touched it since Sunday!

3. The kids were REALLY good yesterday, like UNBELIEVABLE! Is it a fluke? OR is it getting easier???? Probably a fluke!

4. This weekend we are going to have a little "staycation" right here in Scottsdale! I am super excited because anything that changes up the pace a little makes me happy! It is really thanks to my mom since she won it through one of the local radio stations!

5. I would really, really like a new hairstyle, but I refuse to get my hair cut during the summer because it is CRUNCHY from all the chlorine, AND it is in a ponytail all the time because it is so stinking hot. So, I will wait until the end of September before I cut my mop!

6. Trader Joe's really has the best hummus!

7. Thinks if doctors really wanted you to relax they would serve cocktails!!!

8. Pat was super supportive today, that is always appreciative!

9. Jackson's new camp teacher told me today, "There's just something about him that I love!" ME TOO!

10. Any of you former teachers out there, I am running out of awesome end of the year gifts ideas, so if you care to share, I need to get one for Miss Katie on Thursday, and other than restaurant gift card, my brain is shot, so I would appreciate any suggestions!

P.S. "Staycation" is not approved by spell check, BET IT WILL BE BY THE END OF THE RECESSION!!!!


Katie Thomson said...

Well I am not a "former" teacher, but as a CURRENT teacher the best gifts are the restaurant giftcards or starbucks giftcards. Anything that makes the evenings easier for me.
Or even Teaching Stuff/Lakeshore Learning/Barnes and Noble giftcards are fun too! Movie Giftcard package with giftcard, candy, popcorn would be cute too!
NO CANDLES, FRAMES, stuff like that...we get plenty of those at X-mas time! ;o)

Jennifer Weworski said...

Sorry bout the last post- I entered it before I was finished & there was no way to edit it.
For my recent graduation to become a "real" teacher I received a Spafinder giftcard. You can use it for a massage or other spa service at like a gazillion spas. (You find one online. LOVED IT!!!

Short and Sweet said...

I am a retired teacher and everything that Katie Thomson said is pretty much what I was going to say/write/type/print...whatever!!!! A new teacher would really like a gift card to Teaching Tools, etc. A veteran teacher would enjoy/ appreciate any kind of pampering gift card.

K to the M said...

I'm going to be an optimist and say, yes, it is getting easier :)

I love staycations!! I hope you guys have a ball!

You can do whatever you want with your hair and it will always grow back...FAST! I am so jealous of that! I've been growing my hair out FOREVER and yours grows like five times faster than mine! Let's see some current pics ;)

My palet has matured a lot over the years, however, it has yet to enjoy hummus. I will keep Trader Joes in mind though if it ever does.

I'm gonna jump on the band-wagon and say, I loved gift cards as well when I was teaching. Not that I ever got them since I worked in the city and the closest thing I got to a gift was a used candle and a plastic Jesus statue. It's the thought that counts, right?

the swope family said...

Jackson's bump won't be there forever! So, once it goes down, I still vote for the haircut!!! :)

Colleen said...

Well, I just found out that school pictures are Aug 27th, so he will getting a hair cut FOR SURE sometime in the next week so that it grows out enough for me to actually like it by then, but I think the head shaving may have to wait until next summer!

Karen said...

2. I got Brandt's hair cut yesterady because he was getting too bushy in front. I've never buzzed it, though. I don't know if I could handle that. I'm glad Jackson is doing well after his head bump - so scary!

7. I agree! I've still been too embarrassed to ask my doctor about having a little wine during pregnancy. I know a sip here or there isn't bad, but I feel like she'll judge me if I ask.