Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Obama is a "dad", so who cares if he wore "dad" jeans to a baseball game. I would be a little more concerned if he was wearing low rise, boot cut jeans with holes in them.

2. I am struggling with this post this week. Usually I have lots to say, but today I just want to skip it!

3. A few new flavors of Vitamin Water 10 came out, but only select Fry's stores have them. REALLY ANNOYING!

4. I tried to plan my day so that I wouldn't have to take more than one shower today, it is not working out since it is so humid I want to cut my eyeballs out! 110 PLUS humidity, REALLY NOT FAIR! This may be why I just don't want anything to do with anything today!

5. Jackson is going to "summer camp" for 6 days this summer. Today was the first day, and he kept asking me why he had to go, and I told him I have some errands to run. He turns to me and tells me, "I will be really quiet and sit in the car while you go into the places!" ALMOST took him home with me, ALMOST, and then I remembered I have FOUR doctor appointments on the six days he is in school, and it just would not be OK for him to come with since I don't even know what I am getting myself into!

6. I cannot wait to get out of this FREAKING HEAT! It is soooooo stinking hot. . .a big shout out to Donna Nelson for letting us use her house in the upcoming month. I am just excited to let my kids go to a park or do something OUTSIDE!!!!!! They are so sick of being inside.

7. I am obsessed with getting a suburban lately. OBSESSED! I just think of all I could do with the space, and then I just realize it is more to fill up with JUNK!

8. I kind of get a sick feeling in my stomach when I think about buzzing Jackson's hair, so I am sure it will NOT be happening.

9. Tyler has REALLY come out of her shell. People who knew her a year ago and now are AMAZED! I have to say that every single penny I paid for her to go to school this year was COMPLETELY worth it. I thought I believed in preschool before, I am an even bigger BELIEVER now! I never really saw that big of a difference with Jackson, but Tyler, WATCH OUT! BOSS LADY!

10. I want to take a nap, but I am sure with the two cups of coffee, McDonald's Diet Coke, and 3 glasses of iced tea at lunch, there is no way my little peepers are going to close. Isn't going to stop me from trying, but DANG, I need to cut out some caffeine. I was all about it, and then I read in Self magazine about all the benefits of coffee, so now I don't know what to do!


K to the M said...

I super puffy heart you!!