Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Few Months Later!

Last weekend we had our 3rd Annual Mother's Day Celebration. To celebrate this occassion, 6 of us headed out to the Hyatt Gainey Ranch for fine food, a ride on the gondola and cocktails! The food and wine was FABULOUS at Alto Ristorante, the cheese platters at this hotel are AMAZING and come with this fabulous fig and apricot spread, so if you are a cheese lover, CHECK IT OUT.

After dinner, we headed to the gondolas, where we were lucky enough to be on a gondola that had just had a proposal on board. The newly engaged couple got off, we got to look at her ring, and congratulate them. She seemed very surprised, and it was quite a special moment. After our very special serenade on board, we headed over to the hotel bar! I was lucky enough to have a FABULOUS strawberry lemonade martini, and it was TOO DIE FOR!

To all the moms in attendance, thanks for making it such a special evening, I can only hope the tradition continues for many years to come!


Roberta said...

Thanks for a great night

K to the M said...

How fun!! You guys are truly lucky to have each other. What a great tradition!

Remember when we were on the Gondola's and for some reason we were laughing so hard we almost peed our pants. Poor guy probably thought we were laughing at him :)

You look uber-hot by the way!!