Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. As you can see, Jackson and Tyler are going to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and The Little Mermaid for Halloween!!!

2. I love football Season! I am not sure how I spend my Sundays when football is not on!!

3. I wish my house would stay clean after I clean it! It has been like two days, and it is already a mess again!! The amount of junk mail we get is ridiculous, and it piles up until I am willing to look at it again!!

4. I have started my Christmas shopping, and it feels good to be making some progress on it!

5. Just when I think I have a few moments to myself, the week fills up!

6. I am already thinking about what to do with the kids in March when they have Spring Break different weeks!!! Which leads me to think about what I am going to do with the kids over summer break because summer break is TORTURE!

7. For snack at Jackson's school, I have to bring Rice Cakes and Yogurt. I am tempted to buy the chocolate covered rice cakes. What four year old gets excited by rice cakes????????? (I am sure someone is going to say, "My little Jimmy loves rice cakes!" SAVE IT, I want to hear, "You rock Colleen, buy the class chocolate rice cakes!"

8. I love Amazing Race, and how when everyone is interviewed in the beginning of the show they are soul mates, Christians, best friends, etc, and as soon as the Race starts they all turn on one another! SO FUNNY!!! I really want the Father/Son team to win, I like them a whole bunch!

9. Having Tyler home with me on Tuesday and Thursday is TORTURE. She walks around asking to go get Jackson and crying!!!!

10. Tyler spends the entire ride to school telling me that she doesn't want to go because she loves me! I love you too kiddo, but if you read number 9, you would understand why you should go FIVE days a week!


Anonymous said...

My little Jimmy loves rice cakes.... sorry someone had to do it! :) My Sarah she loves rice cakes, especially the plain ones without salt and without anything on them. Sometimes I just give her a cardboard box instead.... If you are doing choco covered cakes then I'm doing chocolate covered strawberries because they will already have strawberry juice all over the white shirt. Why not add chocolate???

Cynthia said...



whew I'm glad I'm not the only one starting Christmas shopping, I already picked up some stocking stuffers for the girls and beginning to think about what to get everyone.

and #9

here too. Campbell sobs every Tu/Th when she realizes it's not her school day. and back to back Tuesdays she's told me she doesn't have fun being with me. ouch!

Cynthia said...

and we have that Little Mermaid costume too, in fact M is wearing it right now, not sure if she'll wear it on Halloween though. It's a great one b/c you can only get it online so it's not as popular...

Colleen said...

I bought the Little Mermaid costume in the store! I have a fear of online ordering because it means people knock on my door, soooooooooo if it isn't in the store we don't buy it! HA!

AND SHANNON, I was thinking of the white shirts when I wrote about the chocolate! I dare you to do chocolate covered strawberries, you know the other moms do!

Laurie said...

Try caramel rice cakes...yum! Like eating caramel corn (well, kinda) :o)

the swope family said...

So wish that I was busy with Christmas shopping. There is a store by our house that has a sign out front that says "__ Days until Christmas" and now that number is in the 80's. It is like this constant reminder that I ingnore!!

I love the comment about people knocking on your door! You crack me up! XOXO

ps - we need a MNO!

Colleen said...

@Jaclyn, get your friend Claire's butt in gear, I have been bugging her for weeks!!!!! Maybe we should go without her! Although maybe I will blame Justin since she was supposed to talk to him!

Claire said...

HER friend, Claire?!? Nice. :oP

I will talk to him tonight! Where do we want to go?!?

Colleen said...

I thought you had a coupon! Do you want to use it? Otherwise I want to try that Italian place in Glendale!! LET ME KNOW, FRIEND!!!! I can do any day next week but FRIDAY!

Claire said...

I was thinking that might be too far for Jaclyn to go -- all the way in PV.

What Italian place are you thinking of? I ALWAYS want Italian. LOL!

Colleen said...

La Piazza al Forno

58th Ave and Glendale, they are closed on Monday.

Brad said...

Colleen, Have you tried "The Parlor" on Camelback? It's wonderful!

I thought of you ladies for a MNO yesterday when I ate there for lunch.

Colleen said...

I haven't, but I am DYING TOO! That's another great idea!!!! Did you know the guy tht owns it is the son of the guy that owns Nello's!? With those genes, it has GOT TO BE GOOD! I heard the wait to get a seat at night is unreal!