Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

You didn't think I would miss this. . .we are eating our way through the streets on Seattle, but lucky for us there are about 12 thousand steps here, SERIOUSLY, I think if your city is by an ocean, it is required that you have tons of hills!

1. The walk to Jackson's classroom is ridiculously far from the parking lot, and in the 100 plus temps, it puts me in a grumpy mood for the rest of the day!

2. Any ideas for lunches that don't need to be refrigerated would be GREATLY appreciated because I am STRUGGLING!!

3. Jackson is having a difficult time adjusting to his new school, and it makes me sad. It is a longer period of time that he is away from home, and he says he doesn't like being away so long, BUT I know it will be good for him because next year will be even longer!

4. The flight to Seattle was really smooth, the smoothest I have been on in a LONG time-EXCEPT for the part where the plane almost ROLLED over during take off, Gosh I hate to fly!

5. Yesterday we had an amazing lunch at a seafood place right on the ocean, I need to move where my patio overlooks an ocean, I LOVE IT!

6. We had an even more amazing dinner at Steelhead Diner, if any of my readers are from Seattle, visiting Seattle, live in Seattle, WHATEVER, GO THERE, AWESOME FOOD! We ate fried corn on the cob, YUM!

7. We also tried Bubble Tea, wasn't a huge fan, hope there were some health benefits!

8. We walked into this adorable little tea shop, the woman was so welcoming, inviting, gave us 4 different teas to try. We walked out after spending a small fortune, but it was such a fun experience, and the tea was delicious!

9. While at Pike's Market, we saw a TV crew filming a new travel game show! Super fun, won't be on until next year, but I am obsessed with reality television, it was VERY FUN!

10. It is bizarre traveling without your kids! I see stuff, and I am like, "Oh my gosh, Jackson or Tyler would love that!" They never are very far from your heart, no matter how bad you just want to get away some days!


Claire said...

SO glad you guys are having a good time!!!

I hear you on the bubble tea! We had it in Oregon. Weird texture. What is up with that stuff?!?

I am very jealous you went to Pike's! I have always wanted to see it - you have got to give me all the details! ;o)

Colleen said...

I liked the Bubble Tea minus the bubbles, LOL!! Pat and I just didn't get the point!

If you are already jealous that I went there, then you are going to be REALLY jealous when I tell you about it because Jackson has been walking around ALL DAY asking me to take him there one day for the berries, the produce is INCREDIBLE! SERIOUSLY!