Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ten on Tuesday-Birthday Gift Suggestions for Tyler

1. Bunk beds-I think I found a place that has a hot deal on them, so contact me if you are interested in getting this for her, it is about time she gets a big girl bed!

2. Bedding for above mentioned bunk beds

3. Fall/Winter clothing

4. A winter coat

5. Kitchen set, the one we had broke, and she would be SOOOOO HAPPY with a new one, she loves to cook! I think it is the only toy in our house that actually broke before we were done with it, LOL!

6. Tinkerbell Leapster Game

7. Gift Certificate to get toes painted, she LOVES it!

8. Dora Tennis Racket

9. Old Navy Gift Card, I could spend a million and one dollars in that store.

10. Stroller for baby doll.


the swope family said...

what size ls shirt is she in? it comes in 2 or 4 and my guess is a 2 since she is itty bitty but thought i would ask to be certain! i had this itme picked out a LONG time ago and can't wait to see her little cutie self in it!!!

Brad said...

Good blog Colleen. I think this is a great idea!

Colleen said...

I would go with the 4, she has a larger belly, so usually the size 2 is too short! You are SOOOOO FUNNNY that you already knew what you were getting!

I should have sent out invitations before I did this blog. One thing at a time these days, LOL!!