Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blogger Award:Honest Scrap

I was nominated for this award by my friend, Karen, over at Mommy Needs. She is one of the most honest bloggers I know, and I am flattered to be joining her company!

Part of the award is listing 10 honest things about myself, so here goes nothing!

1. I yell, maybe I am part Italian or something, but I don't even realize I am yelling, I feel more like I am talking :-)!

2. I spend much more money than my husband does on eating out.

3. I like to slam doors.

4. I despise going to the grocery store.

5. I have SO much gray hair!

6. I understand that if I bought a new 2 Liter for each day of the week, it would still be cheaper than going to McDonald's to get my $1 fountain soda every morning, but I love FOUNTAIN soda!

7. My daughter scares me! I don't like to be left alone with her!

8. I LOVE being alone in my house.

9. I would rather stay home in my pajamas and play cards than go out to a fancy dinner or party. This is the VERY reason I never want Pat to run for any political office.

10. I should probably be on some sort of medication to reduce my anxiety, but even though I am a Psychology major, I am too afraid to go talk to someone and have them judge me!

Now I nominate the following blogs to participate in Honest Scrap:

Mommy Genes
Playgroups are No Place for Children

OMG, and I ALMOST FORGOT Cynthia at Our Mad Camp Adventure In all fairness, her blog was private for awhile, and I always think it still is, but hopefully you can all enjoy her honest to goodness East Coast Attitude living on the West Coast!


Short and Sweet said...

Colleen, I'm in total agreement with you on #'s 8 & 9. I'm such a homebody and, other than estate or yard sales, I have to be blasted out of my house to do anything.
I came across a wonderful new store at San Tan Village called Charming Charlie. The entire store is organized by colors...what a novel idea...a woman must have designed this store because a man would never think of that! I think there is also a store near or in Fashion Square which would be closer to you, but if Karen is here you could meet her at San Tan and shop.

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Ooh! I love to slam doors, too. It's very satisfying and helps to really drive the point home.

Thanks so much for the award!

Cynthia said...

oh thank you! so sweet to included me, so now what do I do? got to do 10 honest things?

Anonymous said...

Is this because I haven't blogged in awhile?!? :) No, seriously, thanks. :)