Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday-Easter Edition

1. We had three different kinds of egg dying kits this year, one for Jackson (normal Cars egg dying kit), Tyler (paint and glitter) and Rylee (tie dye)! It was a little crazy and looked like an arts and craft studio. The tie dye didn't work so well, but the kids had fun. (Why is my Tiffany's crystal bowl in the middle of the table? That's where I put the eggs when it was time to start coloring!) Would you believe I don't have a picture of the finished project?????

2. It normally isn't a big deal to be out the door and arrive some where at 8:30, but I am not usually getting ready, I just throw on my black pants and drop the kids at school. Easter morning was a little hectic, but I think we all looked good!

3. The kids LOVE running around and looking for eggs at the Easter Egg Hunt they have at the hotel. Tyler opted out of the baby egg hunt and went with the big kids. She found more eggs than Jackson, and she was happy to share with him.

4. The food at the Valley Ho wasn't that great this year, disappointing because the atmosphere is PERFECT! HOWEVER, I was fascinated with the Bloody Mary bar. They had soooooooo many different things to add, the two weirdest were grapefruit juice and A1 steak sauce-had I been drinking a Bloody Mary, I probably would have stood there for an hour trying to decide what to have in mine!

5. Do you guys hide hard boiled eggs or plastic? We never hid the hard boiled eggs, but it turns out A LOT of people did when they were younger. The whole idea kind of makes me want to throw up!

6. Tyler started to cry tears of joy when she found her Easter basket. It is so cute, yet disturbing that she cries as easily as my mom and I do.

7. I didn't take my kids to see the Easter bunny the past two years. I think I will have to make a special effort to take them next year before Jackson gets too big.

8. I got the new Jodi Picoult book for Easter, and I don't have nearly enough time to read it. I don't know that I LOVE it as much as I have loved the ones in the past, but I do love her!

9. I got Pat some new ear buds for his iPod because neither of us can STAND the ear buds that come with it. Who has ear holes that large? Anyway, he looks at them and says, "Wish my iPod worked!" OK jerk, how about a thank you!?

10. Jackson was INCREDIBLY excited about his Mario shirt from the Easter Bunny. I don't think I have ever seen him so excited about an article of clothing, BLAH!

*BONUS* I think the Valley Ho would be a good place for Claire Beeler Photography to do a photo shoot. Lots of quirky things around that would look cute in pictures!


Cynthia said...

very cute pictures! I love how coordinated you all were! ;-)

we dyed eggs but never used them in hunts. that doesn't seem real fun.

Anonymous said...

Love it! That dress looks much cuter on a dark haired child. You guys all look great! And we hide both kinds of eggs. The hard boiled were hidden 20 min before the hunt and we did a double count of eggs when we were done to make sure we had all of them!
My kids love the hunt. I think I could hide eggs over and over and over and it would provide days of entertainment for them. They could even be empty eggs.

Karen said...

Great pictures! I love the coordinating outfits. I'm not nearly that together with things, I barely remembered to put Brandt's basket together the night before ... oops! Next year I hope to be on top of things because I'm HOPING to be getting more sleep by then.