Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Now Jackson has the OBNOXIOUS cough! Hopefully everyone will get it out of their system because I have had enough of the coughing!

2. I REALLY want to go to Postino tonight for the $20 special. I REALLY wish that they would start the special at 7 because the idea of going out at 8 is TOO MUCH FOR ME!

3. Vicki and Tiko's wedding was beautiful. The ceremony was in a Greek Orthodox church, something I have NEVER experienced before, full of ritual and beauty! The "priest" spoke REALLLLLLLLLLLLY fast and about 90 percent of it was sung, but Vicki and Tiko were smart, in the program, they wrote what was going on and what it meant because otherwise, I don't know how many people would have known what was going on. The reception had belly dancers!

4. Tiko is our friend from college. It was sooooooo great to see some of our old friends, but it made me miss Karissa TERRIBLY. In college, the two of us hung out with this huge group of guys, but we didn't care because we had each other. On Saturday, it was myself in a pew with a bunch of men. It made me miss my sidekick!

5. For Mother's Day this year, I want Pat to drink a grass shot from Jamba Juice. I think it smells JUST like fresh cut grass (because it is), and I cannot imagine drinking it (neither can he)! I don't know that I will actually follow through with this plan because he says that if he does this, then he wants to go camping for Father's Day, and I am sure I don't have to tell you my feelings on camping!

6. I made cinnamon rolls for our dinner exchange this month. The Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls. They took THREE HOURS from start to finish, sure that included rising time, but still having to think about cinnamon rolls for three hours was EXHAUSTING!

7. I am sanitizing the humidifier again (I wrote this on my last Ten on Tuesday too!)! I am still drinking!

8. The Strategic Default story about housing on the Today Show this morning is KILLING ME! Matt Lauer is OBVIOUSLY disgusted by the whole thing, he says, "Once you get past the moral and ethical obligation of defaulting on your loan, what makes you a good candidate for strategic default!" I have a huge crush on this man. It is as though he speaks what I am thinking every morning. Since the whole Tom Cruise interview years ago, I knew I loved him! I love how he doesn't back down.

9. Speaking of Tom Cruise. I think Suri has been in the past few issues of People magazine, and I think she and Tyler could DEFINITELY pass as sisters. They both have the same stringy hair, pale skin, big eyes, and LOVE of dresses. I would bet money that if Katie would pull Suri's hair back in a bow, or if I would let Tyler's hair hang in her face 24/7, they would look even more alike :-)!

10. We tried to go swimming on Sunday, but it was still cold, so we had a water gun fight instead. It was a lot of fun!


Laurie said...

ok, just had to say...my dad takes medicinal amounts of wheat grass (often from Jamba juice) because of his cancer and I've tried it! You are right, it does smell exactly like cut grass!!!!!! But it isn't terribly gross, if you just buy the shot of it, they give you an orange slice as a chaser. It is definitley a unique taste though!

and yay for you for making PW's cinnamon rolls!! I have often looked at that recipe and it just makes me exhausted reading it!! I love to bake, but cinamon rolls are just too much work. I would however love to taste YOUR work! :o) Too bad you don't live closer darn it!

Ps. I loved your post a few days ago when you posted your friends "mantra". I had such a frustrating weekend because I couldn't "make" my kids do their chores and be happy about it. I've still got a lot to learn!Motherhood....it's a trip huh?!

Karissa said...

Vicki and Tiko's wedding sounded AMAZING! I'm so jealous you got to see all the guys and I wasn't there to share it with you! We could make it through anything then, as long as we had each other :) Remember the basketball goal behind Pat's house? Poor Pat, I look back and I was a total "3rd Wheel" and he never complained about it. Such a good guy...lol!

Those cinnamon roles look amazing, just don't think I have the patients to do it. Those dang rainbow cupcakes took it out of me!!

I never noticed the resemblance (sp) btwn Tyler and Suri but you are totally right!! Wow! Pat always thought he was a Tom Cruise look alike...oh wait, that was Denzel Washington!

Love You! Miss You!


Brad said...

Oh the strategic foreclosure. Those people must not have a moral or ethical bone in their body. I guess the fact that the banks wrote millions of moral and ethical loans to put the world in this position doesn't matter. I'm sure Matt has plenty of financial problems but would never do something that absurd.

Colleen said...

@Laurie I can't wait to tell Pat that YOU of all commenters said that they give you an orange chaser :-)

@Karissa I had totally forgotten about the basketball goal! We loved having you around! We both miss you! I still remember the night you left, like it was yesterday, I didn't think I would survive!

@Brad The financial woman, I think it was Jean, whom I happen to adore, seemed to think that the strategic default was a GREAT decision if you met certain criteria, and I usually like her financial advice. I just think we happen to differ on the responsibility of the banks. But that's what America is ALL ABOUT, and certainly we can agree to disagree!

As for Matt, I am sure he is not the man that he portrays himself to be for the three hours a day he comes into my home, but I like the man he is for those three hours:-)

Cynthia said...

1. the girls just had a water gun fight here.

2. I love Matt too! he seems a bit too good to be true but like you commented - for those 3 hours ahhhhhh ;-)

Brad said...

I have no problem with people having their opinion. I do however have a problem with people questioning others morals, ethics, or character. Seems very judgemental and if you put people under a microscope everyone is subject to judement in different parts of their lives. No one is perfect. It's just a sore subject for me right now therefore I should not have commented at all.

I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate your feedback on comments. Honesty is one of the things I enjoy most about it so keep it coming.

Jennifer Weworski said...

Zach just had to try a grass shot last year. We tried talking hime out of it but he just HAD to have it. He drank it a promptly spit or should I say spewed it everywhere in Jamba Juice. Two other customers were there and just about died laughing! We were horrified!

Laurie said...

hmmm...maybe I'm not as innocent as you think I am! Or maybe I just watch too much cable tv! ha ha!