Monday, January 3, 2011

Stingray Sushi

I did it! I went to one of the restaurants off my list of restaurants I was DYING to try, and it did NOT disappoint! I love my list too because when Alissa called and told me to choose a place for lunch, I just went to my list and suddenly had tons of ideas!

I had heard from others that Stingray Sushi was relatively expensive, but I am never really turned off by that because I love the Tootsie Roll (although I am pretty sure that more and more places are calling it the Crab Crunch Roll or Crunch Roll these days), and the Tootsie Roll can range anywhere from 7-12 dollars depending on location, and I am willing to pay anywhere in that range. I don't eat any sort of expensive fish or tons of it, so I am probably not the best judge of sushi, but I LOVED their rolls. We stuck with a Philadelphia Roll, Tootsie Roll (or Crunch Roll), and one amazing roll that was topped with jalapenos and served with a sweet chili sauce. GREAT combination of flavors!

Now, I have to admit my most favorite thing about the Biltmore location was the patio. I am not a huge fan of patios. I don't normally like to eat my food outdoors, but OMG, the over sized couches that served as "booth" like seating for the tables were soooooooooooo comfortable. I felt like I was just lounging at home talking to my friend Alissa. It was amazing. I was just happy we went before the big cool down because in my opinion it was the PERFECT temperature on the patio December 28th!

Hurry over to Stingray Sushi soon!