Friday, January 7, 2011

"These are a Few of My Favorite Things"

1. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish-in a word-AMAZING! Seriously, it does what it says, it dries almost instantly. Great for thsoe little toddler fingers and toes that don't want to sit still after their manis and pedis!

2. Umberto Dry Shampoo-in my old age, my hair is getting REALLY greasy, this helps make me able to run my kids to school without having to shower. The grease DISAPPEARS-LOVE IT!

3. Vick's Warm Mist Humidifier-seriously, my kids would have frozen to death without it this week, and it has been working overtime. Tyler's room is relatively small, so with both of them sleeping in there, combined with all the fleece, humidity and stuffed buddies, they have been keeping quite warm at night.

4. Hanes Sweatshirts for the Kids from Target-I think I got them on sale for like $3 at the beginning of the season, they have been washed a million times, and they are still soft as the dad I got them!