Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vodka Eyeballing

SOOOOOOOoooo, I think I have stated before that I love Hoda and Kathie Lee, they are just a babbling bunch, and half of what they say doesn't make sense, but I love that they always seem they are having fun. Much of their show focuses on alcohol because they are quite the drinkers, but today they turned the tables and did a warning story on "Vodka Eyeballing" which I have NEVER heard of, and quite honestly, I wish I never had because it makes me very scared for what the future holds for my kids.

Apparently college students are doing shots of vodka through their eye because they think it will make them get drunk faster. WHAT???? The videos are terrible and make me kind of want to throw up, but I think it is important to be aware of the trends that are out there, whether they be bad or good.

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Thanks Hoda and Kathie Lee!


Cynthia said...

wow. that's seriously disturbing. what is wrong with kids these days? how is that enjoyable? why can't you get drunk the "old fashioned" way and just drink it!

Pain to Purpose said...

That's crazy. Why would they do that?