Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday-Birthday Wish List

I don't know about anyone else who posted a Christmas List, but I had such a Merry Christmas because people were able to pick and choose from the list I posted, and I ended up getting some amazing things, so for those of you interested in getting me a birthday present, here's a list for you!

1. Bike, used to think I wanted a beach cruiser, but those are trendy, so really any bike will do!

2. Brita Water Pitcher Apparently I was wrong, I researched and I would like a Zero Water Pitcher-Thanks Kristy!-I think I would drink much more water if I had some refrigerated cold water that didn't taste like butt.

3. The Pioneer Woman's New Book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, it is being released on Feb 1st, just in time to celebrate me cooking through the ENTIRE cookbook (only about 15 recipes left-I CAN DO IT!)

4. Cooking Light Cookbook to cook my way through during year 31! I had plenty of fun eating butter, heavy cream and shortening this year, it is time to focus on being healthy!

5. Dutch Oven-a really BIG, nice one. Le Crueset apparently has a store at the Anthem Outlets if anyone is dying to get me one, I bet you could get a smoking deal on one there!

6. Emily from The Bachelor to find true love with a wonderful, wonderful man. I am just smitten with her. I love everything about her. Even if she wears shorts while rocking a leather jacket and scarf. I don't care-her story is heartbreaking, and I want nothing but the best for her.

7. A gym membership!

8. The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) also wrote a children's book that will be released in April (I will take a rain check!). I am just in love with this woman, what doesn't she do! You can get a glimpse of it here! I think it may become the staple gift I give for the holidays now. After all, I have already given everyone a copy of her cookbook, next comes the novel and children's book!

9. Spring Training Tickets-I don't care so much about what team, more concerned with the hot dogs and beer!

10. For The Pioneer Woman to tweet me on my birthday, congratulating me on cooking my way through the cookbook! DIE OF HAPPINESS!


Kristi Vega said...

Have you seen the new Zero water pitchers?? Supposed to be amazing water!

Colleen said...

Off to research the new Zero water pitchers!