Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do you ever. . .

-wonder why BYO alcohol places charge a corking fee???
-think no one is listening to you???
-think someone else's opinion is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS and tell them so???
-think your kids are DEVILS, truly sent here to test all of your limits???
-think a weekend get away just ISN'T long enough???
-ask if the cashier will take your expired coupons, we are entering a recession after all???
-go more than 48 hours without showering???
-test the limits of your friendships???
-wonder what age it is acceptable for the kids to get out of bed, make their own breakfast, turn on cartoons, while you stay in bed???
-think about where your children should attend grade school more than twenty times a day???
-go months without balancing your checkbook???
-hate the sound of your own name???
-worry about those you love dying???
-call your children brats???
-wonder what life could have been like had you chosen a different path???


Cynthia said...

Yes on just about all of those. and I've got my girls getting their own breakfast without me, our remote situation is very confusing otherwise they'd be doing that, they did in SA!

Laurie said...

Super Target takes all my expired coupons - woo hoo! And not a little expired, A LOT expired! Thank you Target. And yes to all the other stuff!!!!!

K to the M said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I live in a house of non-listeners and what's a checkbook?