Monday, November 3, 2008

Little Bit of This and That

None of my actual Halloween pictures turned out as cute as the ones below, sorry! Our neighborhood is PITCH BLACK, in SERIOUS need of street lights, but I did get a darling picture of my little Tyler Gracie eating a lollipop! I wish you could have all seen her taking off around the neighborhood. Pat and I were still laughing about her trick-or-treating style the next morning. She LITERALLY looked like a cartoon character when she was running so fast. There should have been smoke instead of her feet, similar to the Roadrunner. My kids could have cared less about the candy because they know all but one piece goes to the Halloween witch, but they sure bickered over who was going to ring the stinking doorbell.

Remember to get out and vote tomorrow, no matter who you are voting for, exercise your right, otherwise, you don't get to complain!


Laurie said...

Go McCain! hee hee

Cynthia said...


The Magill Family said...

Whoo-hoo McCain/Palin!! :-) Sorry - had to do it! But you are right - if someone doesn't vote they can't complain or take part in the victory!