Monday, November 24, 2008

Kim's Fundraiser and MORE!

Can you believe a bowling tournament and silent auction this past Saturday raised $17,000 for Kim and her battle with cancer. It was amazing to see all the people there. I didn't get to bowl, but I did get a haircut, ASU Basketball tickets and Roadrunners tickets, so that was really exciting!! I love charity events. I am in desperate WANT of Phoenix Suns tickets. And not just any seats, but REALLY GOOD SEATS! I know that is horrible right? There are so many other things to spend money on, and I should be grateful that I get to go to a Cardinals game next month, hockey, Diamondbacks about every other minute, so I think I just want the Suns tickets because they are not always falling in my lap-the whole want what you can't have! They had a few tickets at the event, but the cost was driven up high, so I past. I should have bought them because the money went to a good cause, BUT Christmas is coming, we are headed to Disneyland, and I am a responsible US citizen that will be footing the bill for the bailout package for YEARS AND YEARS to come!

Anyway, another fundraiser for Kim that you might all be interested in is going to be held at the Happy Valley Johnny Rockets from 11-5 on Sunday December 7th! 20% of ALL sales will go to Kim and her family throughout this devastating time!!! So, come on out, grab a burger and fries, treat your kids to a shake, and know that it is all going to a good cause. You all know I will NEVER turn down a HAMBURGER, YUM!