Friday, November 28, 2008

Whole Again!

I must have sensed something in the air yesterday as I wrote my bitter post. Thanksgiving last night was a DISASTER, it probably would have been better if Katie did go into labor! Jackson misbehaved the entire time, until finally, we had to gather all of our stuff quickly and make a BEELINE for the door. I don't think I have ever left Thanksgiving dinner at 5:46 before. After a tear filled ride home, he went to bed, we watched the Cardinals lose miserably, and headed to bed ourselves. Isn't it amazing how cute he can be one minute, and yet two hours later, he is the DEVIL!

This morning, Pat and I hit the stores bright and early, and I got EVERYTHING I saw in the ads that I wanted. So therefore, aside from the prince costume my son so DESPERATELY wants, I am completely done shopping for them. Skateboards, scooters, cameras, GAMES, Hot Wheels toys, Sleeping Beauty vanity, Leapster games and a few new DVD players for the family since we apparently go through DVD players like it is going out of style-hard to pass up when they were only $25 at Target. If they last until next Black Friday, FINE WITH ME!!!

My house is almost completely decorated for Christmas, need to load the presents in our suitcases to hide them, ISN'T that CREATIVE-Pat's idea, and then we are going to have a completely lazy day playing Wii and wrangling the kids! Needless to say, Jackson has been a gem this morning because he was SUPER PISSED that we had to leave last night.