Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Are We There Yet??

STILL NO ANSWER ON THE HOUSE! If anyone in the banking industry or Obama himself needs some help trying to help out the struggling economy, tell the freaking bankers to accept all offers, do not pass GO!, do not collect $200, just take the money people are offering, move on, and write it off as a loss! I cannot believe that a bank would really need a month and a half to decide whether or not they want to accept our offer. It is a yes or a no at this point, honest to GOD, the stress of it all is killing me slowly, and it is certainly giving me a few thousand grey hairs!

They are now mowing, trimming, blowing outside of our house, and my blood pressure shot up since my kids are sleeping, and I need the peace and quiet right now!

In better news, we taught Jackson how to ride his bike without training wheels this weekend. He did an amazing job. I wish he had more confidence in himself when Pat or I are trying to teach him something. At school-NO PROBLEM, when a family member tries to get him to do something, he just crumbles, and while he is completing the task, he is telling us that he can't do it! ARGH! I have a few pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet. I will tell any of you planning on teaching your child, DO IT ON THE GRASS-they feel much more comfortable, and they aren't so worried about falling off, since it is grass!

Tyler is desperate to be potty trained, but I am just not ready! I could totally save so much money if I potty trained her, but I just hate the whole process. She has pooped and gone pee pee in the potty, but I just have no desire to ask her every 20 minutes if she has to go potty, it is such a TORTUROUS process!

I used my gift certificate for my haircut that I got from Kim's silent auction, and I have to say that I really liked the girl, Lindsay, at Salon Estique (Central and Camelback)-VERY FUN and CUTE! I always like when cute people do my hair, as if suddenly I will be SUPER CUTE! Now, I just want some new clothes, I am almost sick of looking at myself in my black pants. If only I had a windfall of money drop right in my lap!

I get ONE THOUSAND AND ONE compliments on my sunglasses! The girls in Jackson's class LOVE THEM! The nineteen year old that washed my hair was ga ga over them, the director of the preschool asked to try them on! Really a whole range of ages, they are SUPER FUN!

If anyone has anything they would like to donate to our upcoming silent auction at the preschool, let me know. I will accept everything and anything! Pat's law firm stepped up and donated $250, what do you want to do!?


Laurie said...

don't my opinion, jackson's reaction is just like my girls, I think it's normal. i used to get so offended that adia would do stuff for others but not me, she's really still that way in a way it's good cause you know they respect authority, but they want to please their parents. It gets easier, just always be positive that is what we learned with adia. and congrats on him riding a two wheeler !!! that is way cool!

Karen said...

I'm sorry about the house situation - that has to be completely frustrating. I hope you get some news soon.

Ideally I would like to have Brandt potty trained by August, but I honestly don't know how to do it. I wish you luck with Tyler that it's a smooth process & transition.