Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I haven't done this before, but my friend Claire did it the past few weeks, and I thought it was a way to do some sort of blog since not much is happening here! Ten random things. . .

1. I don't know whether or not I believe that we are going to get the house that we have the offer on, it flips back and forth each day. I feel guilty for not believing because I read The Secret, and according to The Secret, I should believe to ensure it will happen, but the bank has given me WAY TOO LONG to flip flop back and forth.

2. Pat takes longer than I do to get ready, and it really bugs me! SERIOUSLY!

3. The no meat thing is easier than I thought it would be, it is really the little things I miss like pepperoni on my pizza of bacon in my omelet. Not missing the hamburgers or steak as much as I thought I would.

4. When we were at Bombero's the other night, our server looked familiar, so I asked him where I would know him from. He asked me if I "dance or hang out at gay bars"! I laughed and didn't think much of it, until he walked away, and I realized I watch way too much Rock of Love Bus-I TOTALLY thought he asked me if I strip! My friends claim that he just wondered if I went out dancing, but I am still not convinced.


6. I happen to find infant shoes one of the most enjoyable things in life, although apparently many people don't like them. My kids have worn shoes as long as I can remember. Sure it takes about ten minutes longer to put them on, but they always bring a smile to those you run into! I had a personal favorite, they were these little "dock" shoes that were blue with little green POLO horses all over them, they were adorable, but I can't find a picture of them.

7. I am jealous of people who are satisfied with where they are in life and have no desire to change anything. I also feel sorry for these people.

8. I love Obama, but I am super pissed about the bailout plan! I think banks and the auto industry should fail. That is what so great about America, now we are just bailing out stupid people!!!! I still cannot resist his smile and speeches! I think I shed a tear every time he speaks!

9. My idea of a great vacation is ordering room service, while lying in bed watching Lifetime Movies!

10. We went to the Roadrunners game on Friday night, and I had bought the tickets from the fundraiser for Kim, and when we got there, I found out that food and drinks were included in the tickets, I actually let out a little shriek because I was so excited!!! I love hockey and there were some AWESOME fights!


the swope family said...

I am one of those people who do not put shoes on my babies. Don't get me wrong, they are adorable, but I'm not that patient! :)

Colleen said...

I kind of feel like that now during the winter, I can't wait for summer to get here so that I can put my kids in flip flops!! Tyler is probably one of the few 2 year olds I know who know how to keep flip flops on!!!! I put in the work early so I can slack off later on!! LOL!!!!

Karen said...

I fantasize about taking a personal vacation, sans family, much like the one you described. I even asked Joe if I could and he seemed ok with it ... so I might book myself a hotel room sometime in the near future.