Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. My precious, Tyler Gracie, sick as a dog, I think this picture pretty much captures how she is feeling, although she is still so sweet! She is trying so hard to smile because that's what she is trained to do when the camera comes out, but don't her face and head just look like they hurt!

2. Tyler Grace really thinks her name is Tyler Gracie! When she was small, Jackson and I spent a lot of time with her, trying to get her on a schedule, and HE made up the rhyme, "Wake-y, wake-y Tyler Gracie!!" when we were trying to rouse her from her slumber! It kind of stuck, and she will probably go through life telling people that is her name.

3. I used to think that going two days without talking to Karissa was dang near impossible, now I know I will survive if I go two weeks, two months, two years. We will always be the best of friends, and we can pick up just where we left off, but times have changed and it is NEARLY impossible to have a phone conversation with her-I swear my kids have radar if I pick up the phone to talk, they go ape sh**, I spend the majority of the call disciplining, and it is really just NO FUN.

4. I despise doing dishes by hand! As if my hands weren't all cracked and YUCK already, this just adds to the dryness of my hands, and on any given day, they are probably bleeding. This is just a sample of how I am now doing dishes, using dish towels as a "drying rack", I am completely unskilled in the art of hand washing dishes!

5. Cynthia makes me feel like I am a completely normal and rational HUMAN BEING! Most moms out there do not admit how difficult it is being a stay at home mom. I love her blog, her video post of Campbell throwing a temper tantrum is HYSTERICAL, and the day she snapped and went and signed all the kids up for extracurricular activities so that someone else would have to deal with them, I fell even more in love. I want to do that EVERY SINGLE DAY, except that my bank account won't allow for it, so I try to remain happy they are enrolled in preschool.

6. I am loving the new Monopoly Slots on POGO. It is the closest I will get to being in Vegas for quite sometime, so I am thankful for this little nap time indulgence!

7. Tyler has a jealous streak like you would not believe-only towards Rylee. About a month ago, she whacked her in the face while my mom was holding her because she didn't like that grandma was paying attention to another little girl! Saturday, Katie and Rylee came over, and there is Tyler, throwing one of Jackson's little Matchbox cars at her head because everyone is sitting around looking at her on the blanket. I don't even know what she will do if she gets her hands on Rylee when Pat is holding her. . .HIDE THE KNIVES!!!!!

8. I have ALWAYS hated LeAnn Rimes, I find her to be one of those whiny people, kind of like Renee Zelweger, I know I don't know them, just how I feel. Anyway, I have always LOVED Eddie Cibrian-LOVED HIM, since his time on Young and the Restless, I have been infatuated with him. Why did he have to go and have (1) an affair and (2) an affair with LeAnn Rimes. Just to remind me that all men are flawed, even the most beautiful ones???? Except my Justin Timberlake, he will never fail me-although Jessica Biel is kind of a failure in my eyes, but I will let it slide-I like Cameron Diaz with him much, much more!!

9. Jackson's ability to eat all day long is so frustrating! It's not like he won't eat dinner if he has too many crackers, he will still eat dinner and request a surprise! This morning for breakfast he had a bowl of Cinnamon Life, two scrambled eggs and a piece of toast. He is still requesting more cereal and eggs!

10. Tomorrow is the day that Pat's Sprint account rolls over and he is eligible for a new phone. He will get a new phone and have nothing else to complain about-actually that's not true, he will complain about not being "allowed" to join the Phoenix Police Reserves! His argument, "You only go to the academy for seven months-AT NIGHT, and then you only have to volunteer 60 hours every three months to keep your benefits!" ONLY 60 hours as if I don't already lead a tortured life, now you want to volunteer 20 hours a month, AND THE BENEFITS=uniform and gun! OMG, he just has to have something to fixate on and complain about otherwise he is completely unhappy!


Cynthia said...

ohhhh that was so nice! thank you! :) I'm happy to share my hysteria with everyone, then maybe all the other moms will admit to losing it! :)

I hand wash sometimes too and use the dishtowel to lay them on, my hands were a mess - cracking, bleeding etc.. now I use gloves and slather on handcream constantly.much better.

K to the M said...

Okay, two years??!! That's a littl much and I would totally lose it!! I agree though, things have been crazy, and it still makes me sad at night when I think about not talking to you on a daily basis.

Tyler Gracie and Leila Janie can think their names are wrong together!

I love listening to you and Cynthia!! I also love that you gals can admit staying home isn't rays of sunshine all the time!! Hence the reason I returned to the work force, at least your doing it!

Last but not least, the Police Reserve??!! WTF?!

Colleen said...

Do not even get my started on the police reserve? Like we have an ounce of time in our lives for that!!! Please tell me where he is going to find 20 more hours a month to to that!!! I am all for helping out, but let's start with 2 hours a month vs 20! GOOD GOD! Skinny Pat on the police force, I am thinking he is hoping for free doughnuts, LOL!!! That was mean, I know, but sometimes, I just don't know what goes through his head!

Anonymous said...

Question: Is it that I always need something to complain about, or that there always is something to complaint about? Just kidding. I tend to always find something, don't I? Just one of my many skills I guess. Very insightful blog today. :-) Hope my little Tyler Gracie feels better. That face breaks my heart. :-( Had to post anonymously. I didn't want to have to sign up.

Anonymous said...

I love your 10 on Tuesday!

The only other thing I have to say is - 1 year and 3 months without a dishwasher. Thank god I lived alone most of that time. I can't imagine it with a husband and kids. I truly feel your pain. I have rubber gloves you can borrow or you can bring your dishes over for my dishwasher. :)

Claire said...

Tyler's jealousy is hilarious! (only to others, not to you I am sure) Paige is starting that BIG TIME, I am not allowed to touch Lauren or she freaks out. We have had lots of freaking out around here lately! Hence why I don't talk on the phone either!!!

Great TonT this week - you always make me laugh! If we can't laugh we'll cry, right?!? ;o)

Relizra said...
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Relizra said...

I agree, being a sahm is extremely tough and those who say it's easy are LYING! I have to ask, is the towel with the squares on it from Bed, Bath, and Beyond? Cause I have that very same towel on my counter just now with bottles drying on it and I swear my hands are bleeding from the cracks as well! I feel your pain...

Colleen said...

The towel was a gift, so it could very well be from Bed Bath and Beyond! I am thinking I just might invest in some rubber gloves for the sanity of my hands!