Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Current Food Obsessions

1. I love grapefruits, seriously, LOVE THEM! I love when they are cold, and when someone else squeezes them for me! I should REALLY invest in a juicer, but I would use it solely for this purpose. My dad went through a juicing phase when I was younger, I think he would have juiced his shoes and socks if he could have fit them in the machine, he seriously juiced the weirdest crap!!! It would stink!!!! AND, the whole thing looked like it was a serious pain to clean! Grapefruit juice was a craving of mine when I was pregnant, usually at 2 in the morning, and it had to be fresh squeezed. I was fortunate that my husband agreed to this, I wonder if he would do it today!!!

2. Creamed corn from Trader Joe's in the frozen food section. Before you go all crazy and write me off to tell me that you don't like creamed corn, I don't even know what creamed corn is "supposed" to taste like because the only times have eaten it is from Rudy's in San Antonio (I think I crave that place weekly), which is the ultimate creamed corn, it is like sugary goodness, and Trader Joe's is equally as sugary! YUM-O!!!

3. Tuna subs from Subway! Although, I am kind of on a break from them right now!

4. Honey, I read on Claire's SIL's blog that she thinks that she has stayed healthy this winter because she has a few tsps of honey each and every day. I am willing to try anything to stay healthy since I am sick ONCE AGAIN, and it is never a small cold or illness, it is always lengthy and awful!!

5. Gouda cheese, apple jelly and pita bite crackers (Trader Joe's)! I don't know what it is about Gouda, and I don't want to know how many calories it has, but it is SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOuuuDa!!!!

I don't have many other things I actually enjoy eating these days! I am sick of cheese, I try new cheeses because I don't like plain old cheddar anymore, I cannot STAND the Morningstar products-fake meat, I think it is nasty, and I am just ready for Lent to be over.


Claire said...

I love you. GOOuuuDa! LMAO!!!

I am trying the honey thing too - I could use a boost in my immune system! I read that raw honey or honeycomb is supposed to be even better, so I will be trying that next.

Colleen said...

If it is "raw wild natural honey" is that raw, or do I have to go brave the bees!?? It is just Fresh and Easy brand! I will try ANYTHING, and I happen to like honey. Yesterday I had it on toast, today in tea, WHATEVER IT TAKES!

Cynthia said...

I'm going to get that corn, you know I LOVVVVVVVE rudy's! and miss it terribly. one of the only freakin' things I miss of that G-d awful state, LMAO.

and yes honey is super good for you. I have had it quite a bit myself this year- in my tea and oatmeal and knock wood have been fairly healthy.