Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For the Sake of Being Honest

I am completely overwhelmed with medical bills right now! It seems I cannot catch a break. We have HORRIBLE health insurance that we pay a TON of money for each and every month, and we have ZERO dental insurance, so I just wanted to throw out the numbers that I currently owe medical professionals.

$4500 Paradise Valley Hospital (which they will kindly reduce to $3375 if I pay it all at one time)
$1100 Valley Anesthesiologists
$280 Desert Valley Radiology
$500 Urologist (Pat's vasectomy-thank God he had it because there is NO WAY I could afford to add another kid to this freaking family)
NUMEROUS other doctors who helped with the appendix who are waiting for money from us because the insurance company is sending it to us because we have met our deductible of $4500 ALREADY for the year-thank you Paradise Valley Hospital!

AND, the latest one today was when I went to the dentist for a cleaning, he told me that I really need a crown in the back (A GOLD CROWN NONE THE LESS-bling bling baby), and since we don't have dental insurance, that will be $1200! Um, thanks but no thanks-it's a tough call to let your teeth just disintegrate, when is the good news going to start rolling in, that's all I want to know!!!!

It is no wonder that people are drowning in a sea of debt! Who the freak can afford all this stuff!????

AND, on top of that, no news on the house! So much for a 48 hour window, try 48 days! To top that off, now neighbors are stopping by to see what we are going to do when this house goes into foreclosure (we rent if you are a first time reader), creditors don't stop calling me to "stop my house from going into foreclosure" (NOT MY HOUSE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and I am just overall annoyed with society! It is a really, really sad world we are living in!


Cynthia said...

We can have a "health insurance sucks" party because I'm in the same boat. We too, pay beaucoup bucks for insurance, with ridiculousy high deductibles. Here it is March 4th and we've reached our medical deductible ALREADY! I'm getting bills from the radiologist tech for my mammo & ultrasound, then the radiologists that reviewed them are sending their own bills, along with the pathologists, bills for the actual biopsy, the ultrasound for that, the needle, the wipe they used to cleanse the area, the latex gloves...ok so it's not that detailed but pretty damn close. Then my dental? ay ay ay. We have dental insurance but it covers jackshit. so again we've paid our deduct already and still owe serious bucks for 2 root canals, 3 crowns, then poor M's emergency dental... right now I ignore the bills. ;) figure when the insurance is all done and said paying what they think they should pay then I'll think about paying. It is really scary to think about the millions and I'm not exaggerating when I say millions, of people who either don't have any insurance or what they have covers even less. here we are educated, middle-upper class and we're struggling, can you imagine others? the entire system is bites the big one.

Colleen said...

I would say let's meet somewhere in the middle to have this party, but can either of us afford it, LOL!!!

the swope family said...

So sorry that you are having such a bummer day! Haven't and hopefully won't have to learn how good/bad our insurance is! If you need help fighting with anyone over the phone, that is what I used to do so I can make a call and B!%&H for you!!!

Sending happy wishes to you!

Relizra said...

I have to agree with the Swope Family. Before you pay anything, even after the insurance company has paid what they are going to pay, talk to someone in billing and negotiate with them. I have never in my life paid the full amount of the bill they sent to me. EVER!!!!

They will always reduce the amount you owe, as long as you're persistant and difficult enough! :-)