Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I wish I had some fabulous blog to write, but things are PRETTY boring here! Spring Break started yesterday, which I think was created by a man! We haven't done anything incredibly exciting. I have been emptying out closets and getting ready for our garage sale in two weeks! I KNOW-we just had one, but if the house falls through (or we just perpetually continue to NOT HEAR ANYTHING), Pat and I are considering urban living, and I just have it in my head that if I wouldn't move it there, I don't really need it! Come on-I have jeans that I have not worn since high school-hoping and praying that one day they will fit again! Even if I weighed the same as I did in high school, I don't think they would fit because after two babies, your body is just different!

I am pretty excited about March Madness, although slightly sad that we won't be in Vegas to place some bets on ASU!!! Pat and I always went to Vegas for Spring Break when we were in college, which happened to coincide with March Madness, so it is difficult for me to watch the games when I have no money on them :-P!

Had a really nice time at Bombero's last night! While it is so difficult to coordinate schedules, I am always thankful that I took the time to get my act together, peel the pajamas off and head out for good wine, food and friends!

If you see Pat today, make sure you pinch him because he tells me he doesn't have to wear green because his name is Patrick-I happen to disagree!


Short and Sweet said...

Another sale? I LOVE your sales. Maybe I can get Karen to drive up from Tucson and both of us can come to your sale. I used to go to Bombero's in my younger, wilder days...that is if we are talking about the Bombero's that was south of Camelback on 7th Ave. Please let Karen know when you are having your sale so maybe she can come up for a visit.