Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Don't Have Ten

BUT I AM THE PROUD OWNER of ONE Barbie Dream House (well, I guess my mom is until my dad pays her, HA!), ONE Mario DSi bundle (also my dad, but we will wait until he pays Pat before we say that, HA!), TWO Zhu Zhu pets, what the heck we are going to do with them, I DON'T KNOW, but have Toys R Us tell me it is one per family per day, I suddenly DESPERATELY need them! I am currently looking for some of the "accessories" that go with the pet, but I don't know where to get them, anyone have any Zhu Zhu pet knowledge they would like to share!

It is times like this that I think about just how TRULY blessed my kids are. There are aunts, uncles and grandparents out there searching high and low for their desired items. I know it isn't about gifts, but the effort that goes into getting these gifts is the true testament of love!

Hope you are all having as much fun Christmas shopping as we are! It is always a mad dash for something around these parts!


Jenson Family said...

Hey there, Colleen. We ARE in NEISD! Funny. I hear it's the best. Anyways, Lindsey is supposed to go to Wilderness Oaks, but we are in the overflow right now, which is Oak Meadows... The schools are supposedly amazing here, so that is one thing that makes me really happy to be here. What school were you at??

Cynthia said...

I bought a zhou zhou for one of the girls (haven't decided who yet) and then my Stepmom called me today all excited b/c she found 2 at Target and had to have them so bought them. I told her to send them anyways and we'll just have a little hamster family. I bought some accessories right from Amazon, check there.

not to be nosy but I read the comment before mine- I'm pretty sure my old babysitter in SA teaches at Oak Meadows - Christy Custer, I think she teaches 1st grade, I'll find out for sure, she would be a great teacher to have!

Colleen said...

@Cynthia-You are right, she teaches 2nd grade at Oak Meadows!

@Leslie-Harold Massey is the Assistant Principal at Wilderness Oaks-HE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I taught with him at El Dorado! I hope you get in there soon!

Jenson Family said...

Cynthia... Custer is right next door to my little girl's class! Small world. This is too funny. Crossing my fingers that we ever get into Wilderness Oaks... Not that I mind Oak Meadows, but it would be nice for my kids to be able to go to the same school as the neighborhood kids. I live off of Bitters and 1604, btw.

Colleen said...

Chuy's is at 281/1604-their jalepeno ranch is to die for with their chips-I think I just shed a tear for that place!