Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's All Good!

I seriously NEVER played with dolls. I didn't like them! Much like Jackson, I was more interested in video games and sports, so this whole FASCINATION and sudden DESIRE for the Barbie Dream House, JUST BLOWS MY MIND! I could buy Jackson a Nintendo DS in 2.2 seconds because I get it, but to spend the same amount on a Barbie house, really pains me! I feel sick just looking at it. It is sooooooooo pink and cheap looking, BLAH!

I really don't need anymore Barbie stuff in my house, staring me in the face saying, "YOU ARE A FAT COW, YOU SHOULD LOOK LIKE ME!" I swear Barbie whispers that in my ear in the middle of the night!


Anonymous said...

You definitely were not a doll person, but that doesn't mean Tyler can't be--she loves that stuff and just maybe she will play with it!!!

Short and Sweet said...

Your post cracked me up! Karen, too, was never really into dolls. I, on the other hand, loved my Vogue Ginnys, my Tiny Tears, and all my other dolls. Barbie came out after I lost interest in dolls so I never owned one. Karen's Barbies, however, are under my bed in hopes that Lillian will like them. My generation never had a lot of technology to entertain us except for television with very limited channels. I kept busy playing with paper dolls, regular dolls, Monopoly, Sorry, riding my bike, reading, playing baseball with the neighborhood kids, building houses with my plastic bricks, and playing Canasta with my cousins. I still have most of my dolls (thanks to my mom), a set of plastic bricks, and my Canasta cards. How weird is that?!!!! Also, when I was at XHS/XCP, we had two or three electric typewriters...the others were manuals! We were thrilled to use the electrics because they were faster and so modern! It's interesting how each generation developed technology and toys that influenced its children.

Short and Sweet said...

Oh, I forgot...speaking of dollhouses...I had a tin dollhouse with sharp edges and tabs. Of course these tin dollhouses could easily rust if the owner didn't take care of them! Each room had lithograph prints for walls that depicted the furnishings/trends at the time. The movable furniture was nondescript plastic in white, pink, yellow, brown, or blue. You can go on ebay and search "vintage dollhouses" or "dollhouses" and you will see what I am talking about. What a trip down memory lane!

Laurie said...

Just tell that cheap plastic slut to shut up - you're beautiful!!! Oh man...I've been out of touch ever since we moved, just busy, busy, busy...and what the heck, you poor thing! It sounds like life just caved in on you in November!! So I hope you are feeling better from your surgery and way to go NOT getting the swine flu (I didn't get it either but everyone else did!). And the pictures of your kids are stunning! My poor kids CANNOT look at the camera and smile to save their lives (literally), so I'm just waiting until the youngest is like 7 until we get a real family photo! ha friend Leslie called and told me that you commented about S.A. on her blog. She was so glad! She said it was fun to have some things to look forward to. THey move around a lot but this one was hard cause it's so far away from any family.

Oh and are you serisouly just realizing that Amazon carries EVERYTHING under the sun for free shipping?! I would buy my entire Christmas there in one swoop, but we don't put Christmas on the credit card, dang it! I did buy Eric's ipod on there this year though...too good of a deal. And yes, he's just now getting an ipod. Just more confirmation that we're dorks!

Take care!! Hope your december is 100 times better. Love ya girl!