Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!

And yet again, I begin and end the holiday season talking about how far away from the city of Phoenix we will go next year. I told Pat Christmas night that I really need to keep a journal of all the things people do and say that piss me off over Christmas. I blow off a lot. . .for example, my husband describing his life in one word as, "incomplete", during a round of Loaded Questions (please let me wake up your two beautiful children and tell them that-I KNOW WHAT HE MEANT, he has a lot left that he wants to do-BLAH BLAH BLAH), but there is something about the lack of respect for the feelings of my kids, husband and I that just stews inside me and makes me angry. So, can someone remind me next year I am taking a TOTALLY different approach to this whole Christmas thing. I just think we are not grasping the meaning of the season! Christmas should not make me angry. I feel like I need to be on a multitude of pills in order to survive! BLAH!

Anyway, we did manage to get a few pictures of us having fun. I swear we have done NOTHING this weekend but play video games, between Super Mario Bros, Madagascart, and Star Wars Light Saber Wars, I am tempted to buy a second Wii so that I can have my tv back. It has been so much fun. Tyler is starting to get into it. Jackson ROCKS at it, even my mom got in on the fun. Santa was very good to our family. He brought my family and me lots of GREAT TREASURES!

I am looking forward to this week more than anyone could possibly understand. I am hesitant because when I look forward to things, people tend to get sick, but my mom is taking the kids to her house for 3 GLORIOUS nights! I seriously need a break. Watching Tyler mother all her dolls, I am certain that she is already a better mother than I am, but this mothering thing is the most exhausting thing I have ever done. I wrapped, shopped, cleaned, organized, planned, etc for what seems like an eternity. Pat gave me a thank you, and in the end seeing the kids faces is sooooooo worth all the drama, but this momma is pooped. Of course, I have about a million and one things squeezed into those 3 nights because I have SOOOOOO MUCH to get done, but seriously, I just need a break! LOVE YOU MOM!

Now for a barrage of pictures, just in case you care!

Really, with all that beauty and joy, why should my post about Christmas seem so bitter! I need to be medicated. I told Pat that I was going to go marry a Groft so that I can do something fun on Christmas, like go bowling, he says, "Why don't we just go bowling?" Now there's an idea!

I need a few nights of sleep and a bottle of wine to recover from the drama!