Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Already had to have a new account number issue because of fraud occuring on my account. One binge weekend of online shopping, and suddenly my credit card is compromised! For the love of monkeys, this is why I like to go to the MALL!!!!!

2. Need a fun Christmas gift for a teacher???? How about amazon.com has some GREAT year long magazine subscriptions for $5 right now. ONE happens to be Travel and Leisure, so I ordered it for the teachers, and I attached a note that reads, "Start planning your summer vacation! Happy Holidays!" They have cute little "gift" certificates! REALLY FUN! I am proud of this one!

3. The White House Party Crashers make me laugh!

4. I am starting to go a little stir crazy because I don't have any Diet Coke in the house, IT IS MAKING ME INSANE!!! Usually I would just hit up McDonald's on the way to school and get my fix!

5. Today is enchilada day at Jackson's school. When I was a teacher, this was my FAVORITE, those San Antonio schools really knew how to make a mean enchilada, and it was cheap! If I were off house arrest, I might consider going to have lunch with J today!

6. Tyler is doing much better. She doesn't have all of her original spunk back, but she went to school yesterday and made it through the whole day with plenty of attitude to spare when she got home. I have mixed feelings about the Swine Flu. While many say, it is just the flu it is no big deal, blah blah blah, I would have to say that it is the WORST version of the flu I have ever seen. I have never seen Tyler so sick. SICK! I am pretty convinced that Jackson had it first. They never tested him, and they treated him for a sinus infection, BUT he had EXACTLY the same symptoms as Tyler, and like her, he is till congested with a cough. Again, I have never seen Jackson as sick as he was. This leads me to the question I play over and over again-"Should I have vaccinated my children?" I still say no, and I stand by my decision.

7. I am really struggling with what to do about Jackson's birthday this year! I don't want to deny him a party, but I also don't want to be responsible for inviting 30 plus kids from his class, plus all of his friends that don't go to his school. What to do, what to do!

8. Amazon.com has been a LIFE SAVER this season. Probably also the reason for my credit card fraud, but seriously, LOVE IT! You can get most items with free shipping, and they have SOOOOOOOOOOOO much stuff!

9. After being stuck at home on Thanksgiving with nothing in my freezer, I have since STUFFED IT, Katie would be SOOOOOOOO proud. I swear the girl AND HER FAMILY could live for at least a month, maybe two, on just the items from her freezer!

10. I have decided that I am going to make Christmas Dinner this year. We are always so full, so we usually skip it, but that makes me sad because I have nothing to look forward to, so I am going to pick a new recipe, try it, and BAM!


QuatroMama said...

Glad you made it through a rough November! Let's home December is a BREEZE! =)

Thanks so much for being a faithful reader at 4tunate! We are blessed with readers like you!

Carrie said...

Great TonT! Sorry to hear about Tyler's sickness. It's so sad when the kiddos are down. Hope you're feeling better too!