Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Arizona does not know how to function in stormy weather conditions. Poor Pat took Jackson to school this morning, traffic lights were out, trees down, etc. We are just not cut out for this sort of thing!

2. OK, poor Elin Woods. Seriously, can you imagine, just imagine, waking up every morning and seeing the number of women that your husband has slept with just SKY ROCKET! I mean, I would hope that she knows, but I can't really imagine Tiger suddenly decided to be honest with her and confess the true number of affairs he had/is having! I am just so sad, what a sad "role model" for his son and daughter. His choices affect more than just him. ARGH! This topic makes me ANGRY!

3. When I got married, my sister and Karissa threw me a Bridal Shower. My sister sent out these little recipe cards, and people sent them back in. It was a GREAT treat to have all of these treats to make. Anyway, this morning, I made the kids Laurie's Cinnamon Toast. It is a favorite around these parts.

4. I desperately want a new purse, but I can't find one I like.

5. I was eligible for a new phone on December 1st, and would you believe I haven't SPRINTED to the store to get one. I figure it is just a phone, but I would love to tweet from my phone, that's all I really care about!

6. I have already started preparing the kids for the real possibility that we will not be able to go to the Polar Express tomorrow. There was a HUGE snow storm, and the roads up there are all closed. Jackson shed a tear or two, saying that it will take forever for Christmas to come again so that we could go next year, but over all, I feel my kids are pretty flexible. Promises of hanging out with daddy seemed to cheer them up, but I will tell you they ask about every five minutes if the Polar Express is open yet! HA!

7. I feel like there are more holiday specials on this year than ever before!!!!

8. I made the playoffs of my Fantasy Football League, really excited, don't know that I have ever been before!

9. I bought Tyler some Christmas panties, that apparently were labeled Bikini Briefs, Pat comes in demanding to know what they are, I look at him like he has three heads. He says, "Let's stick with little girl panties that have cartoons on them! I don't want to see anything labeled bikini or brief!" I'll get right on that PSYCHO! She is three, and they are gingerbread girl panties. I didn't know that put her on stage at the Prime Time Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

10. What did Chips Ahoy do to their recipe? If they tried to take out the trans fat or something stupid, PUT IT BACK, they don't taste the same at all!! If I am eating Chips Ahoy, do you think I care about trans fat. I don't know if this is what REALLY happened, I am just guessing, but I don't like Chips Ahoy anymore!


Karissa said...

Thank you for saying "Poor Elin!" Seems like all I'm hearing is "Poor Tiger! His life is SO public" Who flipping cares about Tiger! He's a pig! They say he is human and doesn't deserve it! BS! He deserves everything he gets!

I want the cinnamon toast recipe! Thanks :)

What happened to the Poppy Coach Purse! I love that one!! I'm in the market for a new purse as well, unfortunately the Poppy isn't in my budget :) Let me know if you find anything else, we seem to have the same purse taste :)

Yay for fantasy football playoffs!!


Laurie said...

Mmmmmm...cinnamon toast. Eric's out of town, maybe I'll have cinnamon toast and hot chocolate for dinner tonight! Yum!

PS TJ Maxx has the CUTEST purses right now! I'm so into the yellowish color (not bright yellow, think mustard) that is really in right now. It goes with everything and yet stands out in a crowd. My mom just got one there and I covet it every time I see it! And then my one very stylish friend (Leslie - who I always secretly copy) just showed up with one too...guess it's time to get one!!

Colleen said...

The Poppy Coach purse is great and all, but I think that would be an absurd purchase, LOL!!!

Laurie, I had a yellow purse that I ADORED with all my heart, and it broke! Saddest day of my life! I do love your friend Leslie-I wish she would hurry up and get settled her so she could blog!

Cinnamon Toast recipe: Take slice of white bread, slather with butter, shake generous amount of cinnamon and sugar all over it, stick under broiler for a minute or two, under brown, YUM!!!!!