Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ten on What Day Is It?

1. I have met some FABULOUS people lately. I don't know what it is, but I have become friends with the most delightful, helpful people! I have conversations with people, and just an instant connection. I always thought it was more difficult to make friends as I got older, with the whole not working thing, but lately, I seem to be striking GOLD, HOORAY!

2. Tyler has croupe, we went to see Dr Leonard at Pediatric Associates. VERY QUIRKY, but very thorough. It was the first time I had a doctor fully examine my child, not say a word to me, and then tell me at the end what is wrong with her. He is feeling her stomach, looking in her ears, throat, eyes, etc. and not A HINT of what he thought. Eerie, but I liked him, he was different!

3. I am obsessed with Melrose Place, new, old, whatever! It consumes my life!

4. I spent my afternoon sanitizing a humidifier, this is why I drink!

5. I am craving a complete steak dinner!

6. There are sooooooooooo many AMAZING summer deals out there for Phoenix/Scottsdale resorts! SERIOUSLY, the possibilities are endless! Right now The Montelucia and Wild Horse Pass have SMOKING deals!

7. Tiko, Pat's good friend from his days at Wells Fargo, is getting married this weekend, I am so excited to see all of our old friends!

8. I still REALLY need to get a new computer, maybe one day I will get around to it!

9. I am so excited for Modern Family tonight! I am sure I am the only person out there who STILL has not watched Glee, but it is one of like ONE shows that both Pat and I enjoy, so we are waiting to watch it together!

10. Have I mentioned lately that the fact that the Redbox doesn't get movies on their release dates BUGS ME! The Blind Side has not made it to the box yet, and I am DYING to see it!


Maria said...

I'm supposed to be grading papers online, which would be why I am commenting on your blog instead! I love it! It was fun chatting with you today. Hope Tyler is better soon.

Claire said...

2. SO sorry she is sick! Dr Leonard! He is old school, but I really prefer his quirky ways now!!!

5. I have been craving steak for a week now! Outback, anyone?

9. This is how I feel since we watch everything a day late -- Glee and Modern Family make me happy.

10. Watch the Blind Side with a box of tissue. Seriously bawling my eyes out at the end!!! Just a warning. =)

Micaila said...

As Claire once told me..."Dr. Leonard is like Eeyore!" So true. I think I like Dr. Day the best so far. Haven't tried Dr. Kelley though.
and we're having filets for dinner tonight w/ baked potato and salad :P...I would invite you over 'cause we actually have 4, but it will be a rushed dinner before we head out to our FPU class :(