Sunday, May 16, 2010


OMG, we had a FANTASTIC 3-Day weekend. Our plans to go up North were put on the back burner, so we made the best of it in Phoenix!

FRIDAY-Shirley Temples and Orange Chicken. It doesn't get better than that when the Shirley Temples are served in plastic wine glasses! The kids were BEYOND THRILLED! They also got to take a bath in our GIGANTIC bath tub, why didn't I think of this sooner?!

SATURDAY-HIKE, Einstein Bagels, Target, Dollar Store (I swear it was Pat's first trip there), Half Price Books, COSTCO, Albertson's. It was an incredible morning, and the kids absolutely ROCKED at hiking. We probably started at a trail that was WAY TOO ADVANCED FOR THEM, but they were troopers! Next time, I am dying to try the trail that is paved, but there are EIGHT parking spots! What time must I get up!? HA! They had some out door play time, and I am not kidding when I say these two kids have the most terrific laughs! OMG! Just listening to them laugh, makes me laugh! For dinner we had the most amazing crab legs, they were heavenly! Jackson even tried one and realized they weren't that bad, mainly I think he just liked cracking them!

SUNDAY-best Eggs Benedict ever, BOWLING, lunch at Five Guys (seriously it should have its own post-sooooooooooo good), Peter Piper Pizza, quality video game time with Daddy, and a water balloon fight!

It was an amazing weekend. I wanted to call Claire Friday morning and redo my RSVP to Lauren's party soooooooooooo bad, but I knew that if someone changed their RSVP to one of the parties I hosted 24 hours in advance, I would FREAK! And, after reading Jaclyn's blog last week about all her preparation for Porter's party and craziness with the crazy glue-I am pretty sure she would have too! So I didn't, and as much as I could have REALLY used some QUALITY friend time, this family had an amazing time!!!!!!! I know Claire is going to post something about how she wouldn't have cared, and she probably TOTALLY would have been fine because she is sooooooo amazing and calm, I just wouldn't have felt OK, if you all know what I mean!


Claire said...

You are hilarious!!! You know you are always welcome, last minute or not! However, I am so glad to hear you had such a nice weekend as a family!!! Those times are worth their weight in GOLD!

Um, seriously loved Five Guys? Okay, so I need a post on it. I need to know what you ordered and what was so good about it! My burger was filled with grease, and I was very disappointed that there are no kid meals. Also, no shakes? I mean what kind of a burger joint doesn't have shakes?!? The fries were good, but I have yet to meet a potato I don't like - so that doesn't easily impress me! I need your details and then maybe I will try it again! ;o)

Colleen said...

I am slightly embarassed to tell you what I had. Pat and I had EVERY intention of splitting a hamburger, but when we walked in and saw all the topping options, I KNEW he would not be sharing with me! I had cheeseburger (OMG, did you have the melty gooey cheese?) with pickles, mustard, mayo, onions, and mushrooms! It could have only been better if I would have gone with the bacon cheeseburger!

BUT, it doesn't surprise me that you didn't like it. Pat and I talked about you while we were there. I said, "Claire hated this place, I love it, SHOCKER!!" I think we are destined to go to Postino forever because we agree on it :-)!

Miss you. . .I want to try The Lounge, just opened next to Il Posto, game?

Allison said...

What an awesome weekend! Dont you love when you have a good time just hanging out as a family??? And, um, that it a spa, not a bath tub! :)