Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Delay Post Your Post!

A while back, Jaclyn talked about how she doesn't like more than one blog posting to appear each day, and I am with her! I don't like if I have two posts on one day! Why? I don't know. . .something to do with looking like I have too much time on my hands! BUT, sometimes, something is on my mind, so I will write to posts in one day, and then I will delay post it for the morning, middle of the night, whatever! Most likely, if a post is listed as 3:30 AM, it means I wrote it at 3:30 PM, went in and changed the date, and the PM to AM!

If you want to delay post, you enter your Blogger Dashboard, click on Post Options and change the Post date and time! EASY EASY!

I don't want anyone to think I have gone off the deep end, and that I am pouring my soul to the world in the middle of the night! Remember I am still trying to kick my Tylenol PM habit before I am 40! I am SOUND asleep in the middle of the night!


Anonymous said...

My one problem with this post - you should have time stamped it at 3:30 AM!!! LOL. Love it. You crack me up. Happy Thursday.

Laurie said...

ahhh, what would I do without scheduling posts?! Yes, this is my favorite...i was so excited when I found out about it. I just scheduled posts for the next month so for at least the next few weeks I'll have some regular updates!!

Karissa said...

I don't like to post two in one day since I'm afraid a lot of people might see the second one and miss the first that posted. And since they are of such utmost importance, I don't want that to happen ;) I also change my times since I don't want anyone to know I'm blogging at work! Ha Ha!