Monday, May 24, 2010

Some of My Pioneer Woman Cookbook FAVORITES!

I have cooked my way through just under HALF of her cookbook. I didn't take pictures of much of the food, if you follow me on facebook, you have probably seen some of the cell phone pictures I have taken, but MAN, I am loving her food. There are some recipes I recommend NEVER making: skillet cornbread (DISGUSTING), spicy pulled pork (fine, but not spicy and not at all worth the time you have to spend turning it and cooking it), Penne Alla Betsy (not a lot of flavor), and the bacon-wrapped meatloaf (bacon doesn't crisp and the sauce is REALLY sweet-almost like a dessert)! HOWEVER, the good FAR out weighs the bad in this case. Here are some of my favorites.

1. PW's Potato Skins-these are the BEST potato skins I have eaten in my life.

2. Hot Artichoke Dip-HEAVENLY!

3. Basic Breakfast Potatoes-the online recipe calls for you to boil potatoes, in the book she says to bake, so I baked the potatoes, YUM!

4. Marmalade Muffins

5. French Breakfast Puffs

6. Pizza Crust/Tomato Basil Pizza

7. Chicken Spaghetti-even WITH the green pepper, I ate it and loved every bite!

8. Homemade Ranch with Iceberg Wedge

9. Oatmeal Crispies-minus pecans, but adding in white chocolate chips and dried cranberries.

10. Pineapple Upside Down Cake (In an Iron Skillet)-DELICIOUS!!!

This doesn't include any of the recipes I made from her website, just recipes in the cookbook. I will have to do website recipes later on, but I went ahead and linked the recipes that she has on her website that are in her cookbook talked about here!


Anonymous said...

yum-my! I have had a lot of luck with her spicy pulled pork! I agree it is not spicy at all, and it is a pain to turn it every hour, but it is pretty good! My favorite thing that I have made is her Drip Beef sandwiches. Have you tried them yet?

Colleen said...

No, I will have to do the drip beef, I did Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich, and Pat thought they were OK, but I loved them, so I decided not to include them because they weren't loved by all! Like her mac and cheese, I loved it, Pat, NOT SO MUCH!

Carrie said...

I'll have to bookmark this post!! Did you see the movie Julie and Julia about the blogger who cooked her way through Julia Childs cookbook? I totally see you starring in your own movie!!! These recipes sound delicious!

Karissa said...

Yummy! Can't wait to try the french breakfast puffs! I don't see any mention of the cinnemon roles? How did they turn out?

Can you PLEASE start menu planning Monday?! I could really use your expertise :)


Micaila said...

I made the Potato Skins last night and they were great!Also LOVE the Maple Pecan Scones-can you eat just one?

Allison said...

I LOVE PW!!! Your FB posts always make me hungry! Try the crash potatoes sometime, so easy and wow...good.

Colleen said...

@Karissa-cinnamon rolls were good, too much work to recommend actually making them :-)

@Micaila-haven't made the scones

@Carrie-Julie and Julia was my inspiration to cook through the whole cookbook, but I am not doing it in order or anything like that! It is fun!