Monday, May 17, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. OMG, do you guys go through stages??? Forever, I thought that Jackson was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO photogenic, now I can't get a good picture of him for the life of me! Now, Tyler is the easiest thing thing in the world to photograph because she LOVES to pose like Hannah Montana!

2. Speaking of Hannah Montana, Tyler got a spaghetti strap Hannah Montana nightgown from Walmart. I didn't think it was appropriate, so I asked Pat, he said it was fine, OK!???

3. I want lasik!

4. Is it helpful that Pat occasionally empties the dishwasher? YES! Is it helpful when he asks me where everything goes the entire time he is unloading it? NO!

5. I had the most HONEST, wonderful interaction with Kathy Hubbard at Hubbard Swim School. We swim with Mrs Wyse, who is amazing, but I was trying to sign J up for swim team, and she told me at 5, it is a WASTE of money, so that made me feel sooooooooooooo wonderful about her establishment. (If you need affordable swim lessons for your child this summer, let me know, Mrs. Wyse is AMAZING!)

6. Has anyone been to America's Taco Shop? I am DYING to try it!

7. Jackson is down with school on Thursday! Tyler is done next Wednesday! I am sad!


9. We have these gnats all over our house! I have talked to other people in the neighborhood, and I just want to state that everyone has them, they are DISGUSTING, and I want to know when they will go away!

10. I am thinking about having a 4th of July blow out this year. Party in the courtyard, then walk to the golf course for fireworks! What do you think? I think Tyler will cry through the entire fireworks display, does that surprise anyone?


Anonymous said...

Is it bad that my first thought on the spaghetti strap nightgown was How can that be comfortable to sleep in!!

the swope family said...

Are you scared to do Lasik? I have always said that I would do it versus getting glasses/contacts but since I've never been in the position to need it I don't know if I'd have the guts!

Colleen said...

SCARED beyond belief to do lasik!! I have worn contacts since 6th grade, and they have never bothered me until recently! I would DIE to be able to see the clock in the middle of the night! Well, that's being dramatic, are you surprised!?

Laurie said...

Are they gnats or fruit flies? We used to have terrible fruit flies, they look like little gnats and love fruit or yucky junk in the sink. If you think it might be that tell me cause I've got a solution for you! :o)