Friday, May 14, 2010

Be the Match

Yesterday, Phoenix Children's Hospital hosted Be the Match and had a Bone Marrow Registry drive. It was SUCH an incredible event. Really, all you had to do was fill out some paperwork and swab your cheeks. I felt so happy being there, and I am all about events that don't require you to do much but could help out in the long run!!!! GUESS what, you haven't missed your opportunity to register. If you go to Be the Match online, they will mail you the kit, and you can register! Seriously, the chances that you will ever get called are slim to NONE, but if you do, you can only be called once, and you will TOTALLY be changing some one's life, and my guess is that it will change your own!!!!

Was I secretly hoping that someone from Phoenix Children's Hospital would stop me while I was there and ask me to be on the Board, YES!!!! Since I totally only have ten years to do that? Unfortunately, no one asked me, but there was a VERY positive vibe running through the place!

Pat wants to know why he is always on the other side of the camera, and my answer is simple. I always remember the camera, therefore, I get to decide what gets photographed, and his 5'10" 150 pound body is much cuter than mine (I saw his form as he was turning it in, and I threw up a little in my mouth!)! Tyler was BORED out of her mind, but on her very best behavior! I can't ask for more than that!

YOU GUYS. . .it is sooooooooooooooo easy! It takes twenty seconds to rub the swabs in your mouth! You could be changing some one's life! Please go and sign up for your kit now! If only one of you does it, I will be happy! If a bunch of you want to register, and I can come help you swab, I would totally be willing! A SUPER CAUSE!


Jeana Moore said...

Dear Colleen, I was happy to see your blog encouraging others to join the Be The Match Registry. I am sorry that I did not have the opportunity to meet you yesterday at the drive.
My granddaughter, Jada, was born with leukemia. She found her match in a 30 year old man from Germany, only one person in the world!
She celebrated her 3rd birthday in April and is in remission. In order to help others have a second chance at life our family created the Jada Bascom Foundation and the Steps To-Marrow project in which, I began walking from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle WA on Oct 19, 2009. I walked to Los Angeles and turned east and have now walked to Phoenix. I will walk to New York City.
All along the way I talk with people about how easy it is to join the registry and how important it is. As you described in your blog it only takes a cheek swab to see if you are the match that can save a life!
If you would like to follow my journey I keep a blog at I am USWalker on Twitter.
Thank you again for helping to spread the word and encouraging others to join. If you are interested in hosting a drive Audrie Vargas of the Be The Match Registry can help you get started. Yesterday, at Phoenix Children's Hospital I met several of the parents who are waiting for matches for their children. We want to help them find their match!
With warm regards,
Jeana Moore
Jada Bascom Foundation
Founder and Walking Representative