Monday, September 27, 2010

Crafty Morning

OK, so after Tyler and I got home from testing out the new Just Dance game at Best Buy this morning, NO SERIOUSLY, I didn't really get a turn because there were way too many salesmen standing around doing nothing. . .I wonder how many people are really working in any given Best Buy store on Monday morning at 9AM, my guess would be about TEN TOO MANY! It was a sea of blue shirts. . .Tyler LOVED the game, so I probably wouldn't have had a turn anyway- it looked like SOOOOOO MUCH fun if you could really break it down in the privacy of your own home. Ooooooh, I want it!

Commercial for the game!

(How cute is this little one playing the game!)

But this post isn't about how I exercised EXTREME self control today by not purchasing Just Dance (Just Dance 2 comes out Oct 15th!). . .please remember that I spent SIXTY-FIVE dollars on light bulbs last week, so my guess is that another FORTY on a video game would not have been smiled upon by my husband who already thinks I spend too much money. . .as if I am the only one who uses the light bulbs in this house! HA! What this post is about is the crafty school bag Tyler and I made together this morning. She is in Room 3, so I cut out a big THREE from my FAVORITE material! Then, we used fabric paint to put some dots on. I think it turned out cute, and she is thrilled to pieces to show it off tomorrow.

We also have matching BRIGHT purple toes (Originally I was talking about matching toe nail polish, but I think we have the exact same feet-look at our pinkies!).

I feel like Super Mom this morning!


Allison said...

Cute toes, your feet are IDENTICAL!