Friday, September 24, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Jackson

1. To Pat and I: "It's fine if you want to have Football Sunday when you don't have kids. But, you do have kids, and you need to pay attention to us, not watch football all day."

2. "I really want to take a nap on the bus, but I am afraid if I don't keep my eyes open I will miss you!" -Sweet thing is sooooooooooo tired on the way home from school!

3. Jackson has been having a hard time because he thinks he is a "loser" because he isn't very good at kickball. After this statement, I had to dig a little deeper. When my investigation was complete, I learned that he is playing kickball with THIRD grader. WELL DUH, of course you are not as good as them. He doesn't get to be pitcher when he plays with them, they always tag him with the ball! OMG, it is very complicated to get this little go-getter to comprehend that they are bigger, they are better. He just kept saying over and over again that he is a loser. I wanted to go march onto the kickball field and beat them all up. Instead, I just told him as a general rule, he should probably just play kickball with the Kindergarten class.