Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tyler-Living the Good Life!

My friend, Kirstin, owns Basically Bows, A DARLING boutique in Scottsdale. No seriously, it is DARLING, and I could spend hours in there. When I go I am there FOREVER! I usually shy away from Scottsdale because you know how much I love it and all, but this store makes you feel like you are a kid again! She did a photo shoot last night, and Tyler and Pat had some daddy-daughter bonding time, but I sent him with a camera so that I could get a glimpse into all the fun!

She wore two outfits:

Pat and Kirstin both said she was little reserved at first, but once she found that she could just go up to things and choose them and poof she got to wear them, it was heaven on Earth for her. Pat said at one point she was trying to choose between SIX bows, and it was just a little slice of heaven for her.

I love the group shots:

I especially love TIRED TYLER. . .this was WAY PAST HER BEDTIME! But so worth it to see the complete JOY she experienced participating. THANKS KIRSTIN!

You can also follow Basically Bows on twitter, facebook and at their new blog!


Allison said...

Basically Bows is the cutest store, and they have the most ADORABLE models!! :)