Thursday, September 2, 2010


OK, so I am no one, I have a relatively normal life, filled with joy, sadness, excitement, tragedy, etc. It is a normal, middle of the road life. I can deal with the haters. While, it does shock me that someone I don't know (or maybe I do) cares enough to comment on my life, and while I did shed a few tears over the negative comments left on my blog (I am not bigger than that!), I for the life of me cannot understand the people who attack the bloggers out there who have lost a child, have an ill child, had some dramatic event occur that causes them to blog, etc.

I have a REALLY hard time with all of this. My negative commenter nailed me. Seriously, I LOVE REALITY TV, FOOD, and ALONE TIME! LOVE IT, but that's what the blog portrays. There is a whole part of my life that readers don't know, or turn a blind eye to and chose not to see. Do people out there not realize this? I served on the preschool Board for two years, I am homeroom parent, I want to be on the Board at Phoenix Children's Hospital, I would love to be an event planner, but these are things I RARELY share on my blog because who really wants to read that. My target audience is a mom who is "overworked" and "underpaid" and wants to know that she is not alone.

I occasionally share my political views: I HATE Sarah Palin ("mainly" because of her voice), I believe gays and lesbians should be able to marry, and there's a whole lot about the housing market, but I don't HATE anyone who feels differently than me. Many of my very best friends and blog friends do not agree with me, and that is FINE! We are able to love and respect one another without agreeing. Agree to disagree is a motto that is tossed around often.

The people who leave women comments that their husband is cheating on them with a waitress from Denny's, or the person who told the woman who had just lost her baby to stop complaining about all the bills that keep showing up at there house because she is just looking for a hand out, or even the person who goes off on a mom for wetting down the trampoline in the summer because it is so dangerous and she is such a terrible woman, I tell those people to GET A LIFE! A life that you own and love. A life that is yours and not up for judgment by anyone. A life that you may despise some day and love others. There is a human behind every blog!

The bloggers below are some of my best friends, and you may think you know them, but how well do you know them?

Did you know. . .

That when I had my appendix out, Claire left me a care package at my door filled with little goodies, or that she delivered me a Diet Coke when I couldn't drive.

That Katie will show up with massive amounts of Costco food (I swear she keeps the place in business) whenever I need a meal?

That Karissa sent me flowers when I lived in Anthem, Pat worked in Cottonwood, I was just about to jump!

That Shannon will bring me a bottle or two of wine because she was running a little late, and it was not a big deal of all, but she is so thoughtful!

That Jen from In Your Back Pocket selflessly taught me how to make the most DARLING burpies!

That Jaclyn will send me an email or message anytime she thinks I may be having a hard day, and she ALSO sends the recipes I request in a timely manner (I struggle with this unless it is a Pioneer Woman recipe, and I can copy and paste it)!

That Cynthia is as connected to the Internet as I am, and when I am facebooking and tweeting about how awful the pick up line is, she calls me to entertain me while I wait! OR searches the Old Navy stores by her house if I can't find something in AZ!

HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THESE THINGS? These are not "blog-worthy" activities, but I would say they are much more descriptive of the type of people these bloggers are than their blog says about them. No one likes to brag, no one likes to say the kind thing they did for someone, but I am here to tell you that no matter how many bad days these bloggers may have, no matter how many times they may be on the verge of a meltdown, they are WONDERFUL people who love their family, have amazing hearts and are great friends!

Don't believe everything you read on the Internet!


Katie Thomson said...

Amen to that!
And I am sure people don't know about how you kept me calm during my c-section, came to both of Rylee's surgeries and stocked my house as a housewarming present! Or how you plan EVERY event our family does (event planner in training!) :o)
People wouldn't read other people's blogs if all someone did was wrote about all the good things they did everyday!

Colleen said...


Watching Rylee's birth was the most wonderful and most traumatizing thing I have EVER witnessed. I was so close to passing out, but I was convinced you and Paul were going to pass out, and I wanted to be there for Rylee when she was born :-)! Now I need to find someone to let me witness their natural birth so I can compare! :-)

Laurie said...

I hear ya sister! I cannot for the life of me figure out people who leave negative comments on blogs! People are so wierd. One of the reasons I love having you for a friend is that we ARE on the opposite spectrum of most things. We don't have to agree on everything to be friends! What's lame is if you're a grown up and you still can't get along with all the kids on the playground! And honestly one of the things I've always admired in you as a person is how tolerant you are of other's ideas. Not only are you tolerant, but you are interested in what others think and why. You aren't just totally set in your way and that is that.

Anyways, if I haven't said it before thanks for being a good friend! I know if I ever said, Colleen I need you to drive across the whole valley and do whatever for me you would do it. And I would do the same! Love ya!

Allison said...

Colleen, some people are just awful. When I started posting my photos, I had some Anonymous person respond something very mean about my baby. A baby for goodness sakes! So, now I chose to approve everything, and just hope that person found something better to do with their time. I like your blog, I hope that person finds something better to do with their time!

Pain to Purpose said...

It is pretty surprising to read some of these hateful comments you see on blogs/facebook/newstories etc. Try to ignore it and remind yourself that huring people hurt people. There is no excuse for it, but it's not worth your time either. You have beautiful children, and loving husband and a wonderful life. Maybe their jealous!
Love you much,

Cynthia said...

I sat here nodding my head in complete agreement as I read this.
It's really headshaking how people feel it's their duty to make such hateful, negative comments. As you said GET A LIFE! and if you disagree with the blogger - STOP READING THE BLOG!

I feel so honored to be included me in the top echelon ;-) I've been lax on my blog postings, need to get back on it.

One of the great things about you is you are 100% real. when someone asks you how you are you don't say "fine" like everyone else would. you say the truth. That's refreshing!

so for all you haters out there cut the crap, stop being so judgemental and get your own life!

Kirstin said...

Any one that know you, know that you are an awesome, mom, aunt, friend, daughter, sister....everything!!!! I feel blessed that you and I have reconnected and I LOVE reading your Facebook updates, blog, everything!! Haters will always be there, it is a matter of getting past them and learning to ignore them. It is hard, because you are sooo compassionate and caring, that people like us, feel severely hurt and offended when people say things. Have a great weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally commenting. I'm just as slow at commenting as I am at blogging. I hear you on this one! It's just ridiculous. I don't get why people read things that they don't find interesting or identify with (like I do!). It's just weird. What a waste of their time and your energy worrying over it. Just keep doing your thing and know that you have lots of supporters out there that love you and count me among them. :)

Anyways, happy to be on this list and if I'm the wine friend - ALL THE BETTER!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

The fact that you are so shallow that you judge a person for the way they sound says it all!!! You try to portray yourself one way, when in fact you are what is wrong with this world .... shallow, self centered and judgemental! Blogs are an outlet, but not a forum to continually complain about your shallow outlook on life. You have no idea of how hard life can be and I read your opinions and cringe at your utter selfishness and judgemental attitude. Life owes you ... why????

Karissa said...

Anonymous is getting VERY old!!! You just keep repeating yourself! Obviously Colleen is a fabulous person and you are just like Carrie said....jealous! Did you miss the purpous of this blog...GET A LIFE!!! In my head I have a picture of a 15 year old girl jus being ANNOYING! We are not in high school...we are grown women...all just trying to live life the best we can. Maybe you should just stop trying to prove a point and work on yourself. You obviously are a lost soul, looking for happiness. I pray for you that you find that one day. Then you can stop being someone who loses sleep at night over what someone is writing on their blog. Seriously?!

Jen said...

Okay Anonymous, I think you are very lucky you are anonymous...on second thought, I think you should stay that way, anonymous, cowardly and bitter and you should keep reading blogs and making worthless comments that you don't have the balls to stand behind. You should be proud that you are creeping on a blog of someone who I pray you do not know (it is obvious you don't know Colleen or you would not write such ridiculous things about her) and leaving hateful comments. Good going. Now leave, go away, stop reading and STOP commenting and let the rest of us shallow people enjoy her blog.