Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Past Life

In the life I had before any of the life I know now existed, I had a friend, who eventually became my boyfriend. This guy had a dad, who happened to have a "high profile" job, and he was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICE. ALWAYS smiling, never saw him get bothered, upset, angry, anything. He was AMAZING. AND, he loved his kids. He loved his kids so much, especially the first born that I happened to be dating. They had family dinners, almost every night. The type of dinners I thought FOR SURE I would have when I got older and had my own kids. Everyone was always welcome! Our families lived close to one another, so our families grew to know one another. We went to church on Sundays together. It was a match made in heaven, until we broke up of course. HA!

Fast forward to now, and the dad still in the "high profile" job has been accused of some HEINOUS acts in a recent memo that was released last week. I have not seen all of the information in the memo, but the information was released is DUMBFOUNDING! I cannot for the life of me wrap my head around it. I think back to what are almost like flashbulb memories of my time at his house, and I have nothing but wonderful memories. I cannot even picture him saying or doing the things that he is accused of. I feel like maybe I was playing a role in some WARPED movie or something.

I don't communicated with the ex boyfriend at all anymore. I know through mutual friends that he is married and has kids. And, my heart breaks for the entire family because their name is being slaughtered, and what if your last name defined you because of what your dad did? I guess this is really the only "criminal" I have ever known, but it makes me wonder about all the other "criminals" out there and how many people they have fooled about who they are. Makes me realize that all those criminals are people too. And, while it doesn't excuse them of what they have done, it does remind you that someone, somewhere loves the criminals too!

I am not saying I do or do not believe what was stated in the memo, but I do know that it is not the man I grew to know and love!