Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Going to try a new restaurant tonight, YAY!

2. Jackson took the bus home from school last week. It made me realize how big he is, and how small he is all at the same time!

3. I have watched so many movies this past week. It seems like many of the shwos I watched this summer have ended, so I have been taping Lifetime Movies, Hallmart, Oxygen, all really award winning shows I know!

4. I am ready to be able to do something outdoors other than swim!

5. Trying to plan Jackson and Tyler's joint birthday party, and I am wondering if this joint party will be any easier than individual parties. We will see! I am always changing things up when it comes to their birthdays, so who knows!

6. I am obsessed with Fresh and Easy. I probably go there about 5 times a week. So small and easy to get in and out of. I can run in there for one item without having to drag my kids to the ends of the Earth to find said item.

7. I actually signed up to volunteer in Jackson's class once a month because I really want to see what is going on in the class. I have never had this desire until this big school has him all day every day, and all I have are stories he tells me. I want to see with my own two eyes.

8. I am wondering what this holiday season holds. I love the smells and sounds of fall and stuff, but it makes me nervous because the holidays are approaching, and they are usually filled with drama, and I would just rather avoid the drama at this point in my life.

9. I don't know where I was, but I was eaten alive by mosquitos this weekend. They are HUGE bites too!

10. Why doesn't Tyler want anything cheap for her birthday!? I think I am just going to have to collect gift cards to one place and buy her the things she wants after she gets enough! :-)


Anonymous said...

I totally share you views on the holidays! ha! ohhhh... i could write a top selling(horror) book! Bummer about the summer shows. I was just complaining to my husband the other day about how all my shows were on hiatus and that I will have to wait another summer to see what happens. He mentioned that I shouldn't worry too much because I have more than enough t.v. show in the fall that will fill the 4 hours i watch before bed each night. ha.

Laurie said...

uhhh yeah...I'm at Fresh & Easy like ALL the time! When they first started putting those in, they built one right next to our rental house and so we could literally walk over there. So I became addicted!! I love that I can get in and out FAST. And all their store brands are soo good - expect their french bread - yuck. And have you tried their fresh OJ?! The stuff NOT from concentrate?! It's like the most AMAZING stuff. I will not buy anything else, I grew up in an orange grove so I know some good OJ when I taste it and it is seriously good!