Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Fun Never Ends

We have had another "fun"-filled week here! It is hotter than ever before, but we are toughing it out. Not much to keep us cool around the house this week since our pool has been green and nasty, but good news, nothing is wrong with the water, it just looks gross and is sucking the pennies by running day and night.

Jackson and Tyler are both LOVING their summer camps and are sad to see their time with their teachers coming to an end. Jackson's teacher, Ms. Abby just adores him and tells me every day about how he is just "All Boy!" ARE YOU SURE? Tyler is doing great at Ms. Tamara's house and we had ZERO issues at drop off and pick up this week, she just went right in and found her friend "Fifi"!

While they were at school on Thursday, I went to learn how to make the beloved burp cloths, and my business will be up and running once I learn how to sew just a little better!!!! The first one I made turned out super cute, and I am quite proud of myself. She told me the next lesson will be pillows, and we are talking like Pottery Barn style pillows, watch out Jaclyn, I am catching up with you, LOL!

Thursday night, I had a MNO with some friends at Cibo, really yummy, really recommend it, keep checking the Foodie Blog for updates.

We went to the dentist on Friday to follow up on Jackson's tooth catastrophe, and we received good news and bad news. The good news is that it is not infected or abscessed as they originally thought it might be, the bad news, since it is not infected, they don't treat the tooth, and most likely it will remain that color until it falls out. Not a personal fan of that, but we go back in October, and we will see what they say then. I would like to state, that the return visit and x-rays cost $85, which is less than it took to fill up my tank today, $90.01!!!!! Remember when the dentist used to be SOOOOOOOOOOO expensive, and now it is cheaper than a tank of gas, that doesn't even seem right.

Jackson also got to go to Sarah's house on Friday where he played Hungry Hungry Hippo! What a super LOUD game, but I have never seen three year olds sit still and play a game for such a long time. He has added it to his Christmas List that gets longer and longer each and every day! He told me that he wanted 5 gifts, and now he told me he is upping it, and he wants 10! We are talking 10 for Christmas and 2 days later 10 for his birthday!!!! I am soooooooo over toys!

This morning we went to Kung Fu Panda, which I thought was full of great messages, but he has been dancing around, kicking his legs and singing, "Everybody was Kung Fu fighting" the rest of the afternoon. Pat and Jackson walked over to the community pool to swim while our pool sits this weekend out.

Only three more weeks until we find out what Katie is having, boy or girl, and the shopping, painting and decorating can begin!

Does anyone else hate balancing a checkbook as much as I do!!??? Happy Saturday all!


Cynthia said...

Oh we are BIG fans of Hungry, Hungry Hippo, Madeleine loves this game and can play it all day every day if I let her!

what's this about a burp cloth business? fill me in!

the swope family said...

Catching up with me on the sewing?!? Awesome. So, if (and I do mean IF) we have another one, I can expect some hand crafted gifts? So looking forward to seeing what you learn to make!